Getting Gorgeous Recap

In February of this year at the Disney Social Media Moms Event in Orlando, I ended up sitting next to Vera Sweeney at one of the events. When I say we hit it off in an instant, I mean… it was in an instant. We were laughing, swapping stories and just having a great time together. It was there that Getting Gorgeous with the two of us was born.

Writing about fashion and beauty every single day for moms… I had often wondered why there hadn’t been any events planned specifically around those 2 areas. We may be mothers and have 100 to-do lists and places to be, but we’re still women. Fashion and beauty is something we still care about, it’s just taken on a different role in our lives. Vera and I wanted to bring together 12 sponsors – all fashion and beauty related – that could bring some easy, practical and doable fashion and beauty advice into the lives of moms. We started planning in February… and our “baby” was born on Friday, August 6th at The Warwick Hotel – GETTING GORGEOUS! We invited 350 bloggers to come spend the day with us and our sponsors for the event! It was INCREDIBLE.

Liz Lange and Jane Wagman of Shopafrolic came to Getting Gorgeous and just WOW-ed the crowd! Liz Lange is a staple in so many of our maternity wardrobes, so to have her there was just incredibly cool. Shopafrolic is one of my favorite destination’s online and I was so excited to have them at Getting Gorgeous!

Miraclebody Jeans
(which make you look 10 pounds thinner in 10 seconds, NO JOKE!) brought the amazing, amazing Robert Verdi(I bow down!)! He dazzled and fit and made women feel comfortable, beautiful and (dare I say it) sexy!

Skechers Shape-ups
were on hand with the beautiful and talented Andrea Metcalf. Everyone had the chance to try a pair on Shape-ups and really feel and see the difference in the sneakers. They are amazing!

Tide was showing off their SWASH – honestly… one of my favorite, favorite must-have always on me products. It dewrinkles without an iron! You spray. You smooth. You go. How easy is that!? Tide is a brand I have been loyal to my whole life, having them at Getting Gorgeous with an item that makes a mom’s fashion life easier was a dream for me!

Sarah Potempa came to Getting Gorgeous! Sarah is an amazing celebrity hair stylist and transforms the way women look. She has her own blog where she actually has self-tutorials where she’s doing her own hair and teaching people how to do it… I am addicted to them!

Lia Sophia was showing their gorgeous jewelry collection. Every blogger who came to Getting Gorgeous got to take a piece of Lia Sophia home, too. They got to choose between a bracelet or necklace. I’m not kidding when I say, the next day at BlogHer everyone was sporting their items!

Kmart Design
brought their Fall Collection and amazed the bloggers with its style and chicness. I don’t think anyone walked away unimpressed with the selections and upcoming collection! Having Kathy, VP of Women’s Design at Getting Gorgeous was an even bigger treat!

Hanes brought their always amazing undies, camisoles and bras. They have a brand new bra ComfortFlex Fit – which is WIRELESS! It’s absolutely (ABSOLUTELY) comfortable and oh-so-cool. Vera and I are on the Hanes Comfort Crew and couldn’t have been more touched to have them support us!

Remington brought RICHARD MARIN!!!!! This was a pinch me moment, I love Richard and have always been a huge fan. He was there on-hand styling hair and talking about Remington’s newest products and tools. Remington also had 2 other stylists there making every blogger who sat in the hair styling chairs look gorgeous!

Kodak was there with their Kiosk letting women print out any photos they wanted and allowing them to create collages. There were so many memories being made this past weekend and Kodak truly let us capture the moments with their Kiosk set-up on-site. Every blogger who had the chance to make a collage raved about the ease and convenience! Thank you so so much, Kodak!

Powermat CHARGED everyone up! I was there a couple of times throughout the event charging away. We were so excited to have Powermat there with us. We wanted to give women in afternoon of fashion, beauty and pampering – you can’t feel relaxed or pampered thinking that your cell phone is about to die. By having the Powermat station, every blogger could relax and take a deep breath because they weren’t going to have to hide in the corner with their cord or run back to their hotel room!

E.L.F. Make-up and ageLoc were at Getting Gorgeous making everyone BEAUTIFUL! There’s nothing like sitting down and letting someone else takeover!

AND… a HUGE thank you to Pier 1 for providing the most gorgeous and relaxing lounge area for bloggers.  I cannot tell you how many women took advantage of putting their feet up and just relaxing it out with some friends.  It added a perfect component to Getting Gorgeous.

Thank you to everyone for joining in our first Getting Gorgeous event… we are taking these on the ROAD and cannot wait to see you all again!!

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 8.9.10

    You ladies know how to put on a fabulous event. Thanks SO much!

  2. 8.9.10
    Amy said:

    It was fantastic and you both should be VERY proud. Love you!! xo

  3. 8.9.10

    Congratulations on a wonderful event that resurrected the glam-mom in me! Thank you so much and let me know when you are coming to DC!

  4. 8.9.10
    Amy said:

    Wow! That looks like quite the event! Come to Charlotte!

  5. 8.9.10

    Looks like the best time! Sure wish I could’ve been at BlogHer this year. Will look for future events!

  6. 8.9.10
    Sommer said:

    Thanks for planning such a wonderful event. I had a great time!

  7. 8.9.10
    Linda said:

    First of all, I bow down to the triple diva`s! Your mom, sister and you totally ROCKED! Truly what an inspiration. It was a fun, easy, welcoming event. Beside all that…..The swags totally blew me away! I already wore my jeans, styled my hair and OMG the earrings from Lia Sophia, I get compliments on them left and right! Thank you for making my day! Luv yah

  8. 8.9.10

    It was amazing Aud! My favorite event at BlogHer!!!

  9. 8.9.10
    meredith said:

    LOVED this event Audrey!!
    Well done to both you and Vera:)

  10. 8.9.10

    Best event at BlogHer. So proud of you and all your hard work has paid off big time. Thrilled for you and Vera and both of your families for all that you did to make it happen so all of us could get gorgeous! xoxo

  11. 8.9.10

    Thanks again ladies for the most fabulous event at Blogher! It was the one I was most excited about and blew away my expectations. I will be covering each sponsor and the party in my Fashion Friday posts for the next few weeks I think since there were so many I connected with!

  12. 8.9.10

    Thanks for an amazing event. It was everything we could have possible wished for!

  13. 8.9.10

    it was AWESOME! totally glam (and Im a guy :P)

  14. 8.9.10
    Elise said:

    It was so, much, fun!! I just got through using my fabulous Remington straight iron; it was so easy to use, I feel wonderful and I love it! The jeans, the fashion experts, the techie peeps (Powermat & Kodak), and just the fantastic company were all so great! I appreciate the invite and I look forward to more events.

  15. 8.9.10

    Great event Audrey! I mentioned it on my recap too!

  16. 8.9.10
    Loukia said:

    You two beautiful ladies hosted such an amazing event – Getting Gorgeous was amazing and it was everyone’s favourite event! (It was the talk all weekend long!) SO glad I was there – and got a comb out by Jen Aniston’s stylist! Thank you!
    Only sad that I forgot to pick up my jeans!!!! 🙁

  17. 8.9.10
    Julie said:

    Seriously LOVED your event, Audrey. What a thrill meeting all of the brands and, well, getting gorgeous. Still trying to figure out how Richard can move in with me. Many thanks!

  18. 8.9.10
    Jennifer said:

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun, congratulations on the success!

  19. 8.9.10
    Amanda said:

    It was amazing! You girls put on a fabulous party!!!

  20. 8.10.10
    Karen W said:

    It was so much fun! I loved it all, thank you!!

  21. 8.10.10
    niri said:

    Best event and clearly a lot of thought went into it. This one will be the talk of the town for a long long time

  22. 8.10.10
    FireMom said:

    Honestly? One of the highlights of my weekend. I was honored to be invited, but almost chickened out walking across the street all by myself. (Anxiety. What can I say?) I’m so glad I made it.

    I’ve got to say, whichever girl worked with me at the Kmart Design booth was amazing. She totally sold me on the fall hats that they’re selling. I thought I couldn’t wear hats (big head, short hair). She threw one on me, threw a scarf on and I was amazed. It’s the perfect look for me for fall when I’m out shooting football games: it will save my hair from being wrecked by the wind and I’ll look totally trendy on the sidelines.

    ALSO super pleased to see that Shape-Ups now have shoes for RUNNERS. They previously weren’t for running AND NOW THEY HAVE RUNNING TRAINERS! I’m buying a pair STAT.

    But, of course, the best part was finally meeting you, Audrey. Wish we would have had more time to talk. All the same, thank you for including me and making me feel fabulous for two hours. Best of luck in all you continue to do!

  23. 8.10.10

    Thank you SO much for hosting this. It was such a fun afternoon!! Now I MUST get my hands on some of that Tide Swash Smooth it out.. In fact, I am ordering some right now!!!

    I wish we had the chance to chat a bit more (I am Jane’s old neighbor from Cranston), but I hope to meet you at another event in the future!

  24. 8.10.10

    I can’t take off my MiracleBody Jeans! I’m hooked and will feature them on my show! Vera and Audrey you both did a lovely job. This party by far was my favorite. Thank you Thank you. OMG – I look 10 lbs thinner.

  25. 8.10.10

    Lovely to see you all and thanks for inviting me to this fabulous event!

  26. 8.11.10

    you rocked it. no doubt!

  27. 8.11.10
    melissa said:

    you girls threw a fabulous party – it was one of the highlights of blogher for me!! everyone was talking about it for the rest of the conference!!

  28. 8.11.10

    You and Vera put on a magnificent event. I was blown away by the whole event. Great job ladies… you both know how to do it right 🙂

  29. 8.13.10

    I had an amazing time and it was a great beginning to my first Blogher. Thanks for inviting me. They ran out of size of my miracle jeans so I cant wait till I get mine. Every I saw that tried them on looked amazing.

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