What did Sethy eat now?

See the title of this post? That’s, like, the daily mantra in our house.

As soon as we walk through the door, usually one of us will scope the downstairs rooms to see if anything’s amiss.

More often than not, it usually ends up with one of going, “Oh, God…” And the other one of us just knows.

“What did Sethy eat now?”

We remember the infamous Seth-ate-a-box-of-chocolate-Luna-bars Incident of ’07, right? That has promted us more than once, when out and about, to stop and say, “Oh no. I think I left (insert food product here) out on the counter/on the table/in the kitchen.”

And again, we just know that we’ll come home to a nice little treat in the form of food strewn about.

A few weeks ago it was old turkey lunch meat that he had gotten in the trash (he had to have actually opened it with his paw because it’s a flip lid). Then it was leftovers my mom accidentally left on our counter.

Ryder, for her part, wants nothing to do with this. She looks at us as we kneel like idiots on the floor, like, “Well, don’t look at me.”

But anyway, yesterday I came home to find Seth taking his wrath out on an innocent Booda dog bone. When he saw me coming, there was no regard for the taboo-ness of it all. He just glanced up at me and kept going to town. Even when I got my camera.

So now, poor Booda has no more squeak, only half of a body, and about 1/3 of his stuffing.

So that’s what Sethy ate now. The question is: What will Sethy eat next?

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  1. 8.20.08
    Stacey said:

    Awww Seth, he totally needs to make this up to Booda. Good thing he’s adorable! xo

  2. 8.20.08

    Oh, my Sethy! I remember thinking… “Did I leave the leftover salmon and baked potato on Jane’s counter?” The answer… an obvious “Yes!” One thing is certain, and that is that Sethy really enjoys his “treats”… !!!! I love that guy and his great ingenuity!!!!

  3. 8.21.08

    “What did Sethy eat now” would make a hilarious regular post…! That sad little picture of booda, though sad for booda,is pretty funny. And Sethy looks so adorable…all industrious!

  4. 8.21.08
    Kai said:

    I’m with rachel b…this HAS to be a regular installment! Perhaps you should take abstract photos of what’s left of Seth’s “treats” and we could try to guess what it was!

  5. 8.21.08

    Uh oh, Sethy! That polyfill can get stuck in your colon! Be careful!

  6. 8.21.08

    I can’t even count the times we came home to disassembled doggy toys. But this summer is the worst. One of my mom’s dogs loves Princess and when he misses her he will find one of her toys to suck on and chew up. We’ve had to cover all her toy bins with blankets to discourage The Runner from this habit.

    But on the good side Princess has learned to very carefully clean up after herself and put all of her toys away before we leave the house after finding her Pinky Pie pony with a half eaten head.

  7. 8.22.08
    Ashley said:

    Hehehe this post reminds me of MY dog. That, and my dog is like 3 years old and still acts puppyish/neurotic. We’re gonna go with “puppy” here.

    Have you read “Marley and Me”? It should definitely make you feel better no matter what your little pup does lol. 😉

    PS –Cute puppy!

  8. 8.23.08
    Kristina said:

    Seth sounds like such a cutie. Please keep us posted on the next thing Seth eats, and all of his other adventures.

  9. 8.24.08
    Nadine said:

    I had a dog that did the same – she loved paper and food was fair game if it was left in grabbing distance. But there was no mess with the food – it was as if it was never there.

  10. 8.24.08

    Sophie does this ALL the time! She loves stuffed toys but she inevitably pulls out all the stuffing and covers the floor with it. I guess it’s better than her eating it. Too funny!

  11. 8.24.08
    CP said:

    You should hold a contest!!!


  12. 8.25.08

    I had to update and share… yesterday we did such a great job of picking up Princess’s toys that my mom’s dog resorted to chewing on is his plastic (temporary) food dish. We have countless dog bones, toys and chew hooves in our house but he wants his plastic.

  13. 8.26.08
    C said:

    My adorable Chance was like that too when he was younger. I got him when he was only a few weeks old and up until 2 years (or maybe 3 years) of age, he used to eat EVERYTHING!!! He totally wrecked a gym set (I’m talking tearing up the workout bench and ripping the foam out), a few computer cables and wires, shoes…ohhh, precious shoes!!!

    He had lots of toys and treats to keep him occupied while we were at work. I read up on doggy behaviour and found out that often times dogs do this because of boredom. He had lots of stimulation, but STILL ate everything!

    He seems to have outgrown his eating everything stage. He’s really good about not wrecking things and is very gentle with his belongings, as well as ours!

    I’m sure Seth will outgrow this too 🙂

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