On nose picking…

I was driving along today on a busy commercial stretch of road near my home, listening to a local talk radio station (yes, I listen to talk radio) and totally minding my own business. Until I came to a stop light. And happened to turn my head to my left.

There, in the back seat of a car next to me, were two kids. Girls. They looked to be about 10 or 11. And they were both picking their noses. Ewww. I turned away uncomfortably… but, in morbid curiosity, I turned ever so slightly back. By then, these two girls were dramatically eating their kill. And I mean EATING. Ewwww to the 10th power.

And then they began to laugh. At my expense. I think. I mean, I do not have some inflated sense of importance, so I certainly don’t think it was ME in particular that they had intended to revolt. But revolt, they did. Wrong place, wrong time for me.

But it didn’t stop there. No. As the light turned green, each of the girls turned directly toward me and flipped me off. My immediate reaction was, “Yeah, you too,” with a big ol’ manicured middle finger… but I am much too mature for that kind of reaction. Yes. Of course. So the car just sailed through that green light like a snake though the grass.

It took me a moment to accelerate my car. And then I thought, “I have to catch up to these little b-(undles) of joy to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Sure enough. At the very next traffic light, the girls were again serving up boogers and middle fingers to the next unsuspecting motorist. “Holy boogers, Batman,” I thought. Well, I didn’t actually think that. What I thought was, “Does the person driving that car have any idea what is going on behind her.” I memorized the license plate. I contemplated what I would say to that mom, or aunt, or grandma, or sister, or sitter.

But the car turned left at the next major intersection, and I was not feeling so very societally responsible enough to get into some uncomfortable confrontation. Or perhaps denial by these two little b-(abes).

Maybe I should have done something. Boogers are one thing. But obscene gestures? When did that become idle entertainment for little girls?

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  1. 10.10.08
    Renee said:

    First of all Ewww gross and how rude are those little girls!!!

  2. 10.10.08
    Audrey said:

    OMG! If I was with you I totally would have — … !
    I’m just kidding… ahhh, girls. No manners. Must feel bad for them.

  3. 10.10.08
    Heather said:

    Oh, I’d have flipped them off and then felt (a little) bad about it later. Because I’m very mature. Also, I gagged at the visual of those two girls eating their boogs. That from a woman who says more times a day than I’d care to count, “Son, get your finger out of your nose.”

  4. 10.10.08
    Nadine said:

    Yuck! Really, flipping the bird at their age…I wonder what they will graduate to? Not a pretty thought.

  5. 10.11.08
    Poppy said:

    I was so horrified by this story that I was gasping loudly. Dawg asked me what I was gasping about, so I told him. I think we both said, “EWWWWWW” at the same time.

    And kids are testing boundaries waaaay earlier than I ever did. I waited until I was 33 to start flipping off other drivers. 😀

  6. 10.11.08

    OMG. As a mom, I would have FLIPPED OUT at knowing any of my kids had acted so rudely.

    My uncle, who is 13 years older than I am, thought it would be hysterical to teach my 5-year-old self how to give the finger. Of course I didn’t know what it meant. But I flipped off a man while he was sitting in his car in a parking lot, and my mom marched me right over there and made me apologize. I’ll never forget that!

  7. 10.11.08

    Way to teach girls how to be classy at a young age, eh? I wouldn’t have dared to even attempt that at any age. My mother would have been watching me — she would have known. I wouldn’t dare tempt the wrath! 🙂

    I wasn’t ever allowed to jump on trampolines. At a friends 16th birthday party, I decided I was old enough to make my own decisions so I did it. Somehow, my mother found out. The same night. Lesson learned.

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