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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 2.6.09

    Seriously? I would have never thought to do that. I would have felt guilty doing it but have yet to find jeans that no matter how well they fit don’t at some point ride down leaving me with muffin top. Thank you for admitting this. Now I’m off to dig out my maternity jeans.

    @sweetbabboo on Twitter

  2. 2.6.09
    Melany said:

    Wow! Great idea… I just found your blog. I like! Thanks!

  3. 2.6.09

    I have a fabulous pair of Paige Premium maternity jeans that I may just have to dig back out. I’ve been too ashamed to put maternity pants back on…

  4. 2.6.09

    I agree! It’s a running joke among moms about jeans companies embracing the panel!!! They’d sell out!!!

    Great post, thanks Audrey!

  5. 2.6.09

    Awesome post, Audrey! LOVE the profile pic, by the way! You are gorgeous!! You and your sis look just like your mama!! I guess also having a dad that looks like Dustin is an added bonus too! 🙂

    I hope to get some more internet time so I can catch up on everyone’s posts. I’m still trying to get the hang of “sleep when the baby sleeps” right now! Unfortunately, her most wakeful hours are between 1AM and 5AM! I’ll get the hang of things soon…I hope! LOL!

  6. 2.6.09

    Good tip. Too bad I gave away all my maternity clothes. I love the idea of a band (with spanx) that’s attached to the jeans to avoid that dreaded muffin top.

  7. 2.6.09
    Trina said:

    As cute as you are and you are able to pull it off, it gives hope to the rest of us!

    When you’re a new mom, there’s this unspoken “race” to get back into your pre-baby clothes. This is a breath of fresh air!

  8. 2.6.09

    I can’t agree to this one! Sorry!
    I feel that if I allowed myself to wear maternity jeans after baby, I’d never work to get at least some sort of pre-baby shape back, and I’d just feel frumpy. I am pregnant with twins and they will most likely be my last pregnancy, but I know that I couldn’t get out of my maternity jeans/pants fast enough the last time I did this…and I’m almost 100% positive that it will be the same this time around!

    I guess if I had your figure, I may feel different, but maternity jeans would just make my pudge stick out more….and wouldn’t force me to suck it in! HA!

  9. 2.6.09
    Joy said:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! My youngest is 4 months old. I can get my pre-pregnancy (the lastest, not the first :)) jeans on, but they aren’t comfortable and look horrible! But, bigger jeans are too big! I have one pair of maternity jeans that I still where in a pinch – when my two pairs that fit ok aren’t clean.
    You are so right! Why doesn’t someone make jeans like that?

  10. 2.7.09
    easr said:

    I have worn my Seven and Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans continuously since I was pregnant with my first baby (she’s now 2.5) – they are *perfect* jeans! So comfortable and I always feel like I look far better in them than in my other jeans 🙂 Plus, wearing them post-baby totally helps justify the cost.

    This is a *great* tip! love the blog, btw!

  11. 2.7.09
    Pam said:

    Lee does make an extremely comfortable jean with a stretchy (but not elastic) waist. 🙂

  12. 2.9.09

    So great! I’ve been wondering this for years why no company just makes these jeans for non pregnant ladies. Then a company here in Canada started making comfort pants with this idea and unfortunately they missed the mark. Not as company as the maternity pant. I’m still looking.

  13. 2.13.09

    This is GREAT! What a great idea that I would never have thought of! Of course, I wasn’t the biggest fan of under the belly, and some of my jeans had the over the belly panel which might just “make” me look preggers, but I’m going to test out my other ones – if I can find them! Your blog is fantastic! I really hope we’ll be able to meet sometime soon!

  14. 2.16.09

    I have been trying to lose weight ever since, and I wish I could muster the courage to wear maternity pants. I hope they will come up with pants like that for non-pregnant ladies. I admire your courage, and I could never tell that the ones you are wearing are maternity pants.

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