Fashion Advice for Moms – Does size matter?

Today’s Day #34 of 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms.

I got a wonderful email and piece of advice from my friend – Heather from The Mogul Mom.

She wrote to me saying that one afternoon, she and a bunch of other women were talking about what size they wear, losing weight, etc. She asked another woman in the group, (who was probably a size 2), “What size do you wear?”… thinking she’d answer proudly, “Size 2.” Instead, she answered, “Honey, I wear whatever size fits.”

GREAT story. GREAT advice. GREAT fashion attitude.

As mothers, we sometimes get caught up in the numbers game. Our size. Our weight. How much weight we want to lose. At the end of the day… it’s important to stay healthy and make sure we’re wearing clothing that is a comfortable fit. Forget the NUMBER of the size — we all know sizes are different for every brand… so wear what “fit” feels best.

I know it’s easier said than done… but we’ve had babies… our bodies are now shaped a little differently. We may have a few more pounds or inches here or there. Embrace them… in whatever size fits!

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  1. 2.3.09
    feener said:

    so true. also everything fits different, brands run different sizes ….. great advice

  2. 2.3.09

    I love Ann Taylor because I’m a 2 there. I despise Aeropostale because I’m a 13 there.
    I’ve taken to ignoring tags and just trying stuff on.
    Totally works.

  3. 2.3.09

    great advice. If you try and wear the wrong size it looks awful. The best thing is stylish well fitting clothes that suit your body shape

  4. 2.3.09
    Lisa said:

    Trying to catch up on all this week’s posts. I love today’s post! Great thought.

  5. 2.3.09

    Yep! I feel the same way. Man I bought a size BIGGER at Gap yesterday but these jeans look awesome on me! And so funny- a friend said her weight and I said that I am the exact same weight and she couldn’t believe it. SHE thinks I’m tiny and I thought the same of her. It’s all in our heads sometimes.


  6. 2.4.09
    admin said:

    Remember how I used to say this to Nana all of the time… “Wear what FITS!” But, bless her soul, Nana would buy size 14 everything, whether it hugged her curves, created muffin-top everywhere… or hung from her body! Ah… women! Gotta love us!

  7. 2.4.09


    I’m so glad you liked the story…it’s totally true. Wear what fits & feel great!


  8. 2.5.09
    Bernadette said:

    Comfort is so important-maybe the size tags should read “comfort just for you” and eliminate the number. We all can pretty much guess whether something fits us by looking at it. And moms have trained eyes when it comes to buying clothes for our children!

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