Is he THAT into you?

I have a little bet going with my husband of 33 years or so.  

It’s not about dating kind of into-you… it’s about KNOWING things about you into-you.  Things like your shoe size, just in case he sees a pair of fabulous shoes or boots with which to surprise you.  Or your favorite flower(s), for some not-so-special-roses-will-cover-it spontaneity.  And maybe even your favorite author or poet or artist… not to mention your favorite color(s) and exactly how you take your coffee or tea.

So… I’ve come up with a little list here for my husband.  For your husband.  Or lover.  Hand him the list and let him fill it out.  Give him as much time as he needs (research on his part translates into he’s THAT into you!)  Let me know how he does…

1.  Favorite flower(s)

2.  Favorite gem and your birthstone

3.  Favorite color(s)

4.  Favorite author(s)

5.  Favorite artist(s)

6.  Favorite sport(s)

7.  Favorite television show(s)

8.  Favorite musical artist(s)

9.  Your “couple” song

10. Favorite animal

11. Favorite restaurant

12. Favorite vacation spot

13. Shoe size

14. Jeans size and favorite brand

15. Jacket/coat size

16. Dress size

17. Bra size

18. Color of your eyes

19. Favorite make-up brand

20. Favorite season

21. Birthday

22. Anniversary

23. Favorite holiday

24. Where were you born

25. Your dream job

26. And, of course, how you take your coffee or tea

2 Extra Credit: 1. Your 2 favorite drinks, alcoholic or otherwise

                          2. Name 5 songs on your iPod playlist

Ready. Set. Go.

Pass along.

The bet:  My husband wins if men who take this little quiz pass with an average of 75% or greater.  That’s still a big fat C in my book, but it would be rather good to know that the men out there are at least THAT into us!

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  1. 2.20.09
    Heather said:

    My significant other got 83%! Not bad! He missed favorite artist, musical artist, gemstone, and brand of jeans.

  2. 2.20.09
    Erin said:

    Ha! My husband got a 61%. Ouch! He basically messed up on all the size questions, though he’s insisting it’s unfair because he was mostly giving me pre-Luke sizes. And he argued with me on my bra size, which was hilarious. He did get one of the extra credit questions corrects, though!

  3. 2.20.09
    Heather said:

    My husband actually did pretty well! He only missed my birthstone, fave brand of jeans, season (although he did correct himself before I told him he was wrong) and dream job. He got both extra credit questions right. In his defense on the dream job, it recently changed for me and he named a former one 🙂

  4. 2.20.09
    Heather said:

    Also? I want to know what you win 🙂 And, this was fun!

  5. 2.20.09
    Barry (the husband) said:

    1. Favorite flower(s)-Rose of Sharon

    2. Favorite gem and your birthstone-Tourmaline

    3. Favorite color(s)-Purple and Yellow and Pink (as in balloons)

    4. Favorite author(s)-Thornton Wilder.

    5. Favorite artist(s)-Tiger and Greg Stones

    6. Favorite sport(s)-Baseball (as in RedSox), Basketball (PC Friars) Football (The Pats)

    7. Favorite television show(s)- 30Rock, Big Bang Theory, SNL, How I Met Your Mother, CSI Miami

    8. Favorite musical artist(s)-Bob Dylan, Jerry Jeff Walker, EmmyLou Harris, and many many more!

    9. Your “couple” song-Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (The Rod)

    10. Favorite animal- Our Grand Dogs

    11. Favorite restaurant-Grille on Main, Remmington’s, Cafe Fresco, Duffy’s -to name a few!

    12. Favorite vacation spot-Bar Harbour, ME

    13. Shoe size- 7

    14. Jeans size and favorite brand-Small(again) – Seven Jeans?…I’m reaching here!

    15. Jacket/coat size-Small again(can’t go wrong with small) right?

    16. Dress size-Small(how am I doing with the small answers?)

    17. Bra size-38 (just kidding) What ever size it is, is perfect!

    18. Color of your eyes-the color Beautiful

    19. Favorite make-up brand-I don’t know but I know you get it at Macey’s)

    20. Favorite season-Fall

    21. Birthday-Oct.6th

    22. Anniversary-Aug 14th

    23. Favorite holiday-Christmas

    24. Where were you born-Benton Harbor, Michigan

    25. Your dream job-Tri-owner of MomGenerations

    26. And, of course, how you take your coffee or tea- Black(Is there any other way?)

    2 Extra Credit: 1. Your 2 favorite drinks, alcoholic or otherwise (MillerLite and MillerLite)

  6. 2.21.09

    Surprisingly, my husband did pretty well on this! He only missed my make up brand.

    I’m impressed with Barry’s answers! How did he do? Oh, and what is his prize??? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL!

  7. 2.21.09
    admin said:

    OK. Thanks to the MEN of the fabulously beautiful and brilliant women out there who really ARE that into you!

    Barry did great. 92%. I love the “small” size comments… he’s a wily one, for sure. The 38 bra is a devious coverup for “I have no clue”! (It’s 34B, Honey) And I love every season, but Fall is my birthday and very special! Actually, I enjoyed the way Barry interpreted some of the questions. It made it more special… for example, yellow and purple and pink balloons are special reminders of angels in my life, and that made that answer more more precious than my favorite color, which is blue. I gave him lots of extra credit for that one!

    OK. The BET! If I win, I get a day of cleaning and organizing our basement. If Barry wins… well, he gets a couple of days at the Big East Tournament in NYC. With me!

    So come on, guys! Barry is pulling for you!

  8. 2.21.09
    Erin said:

    I am loving how well Barry did! My husband tried to go that route with clothes, too, but he wasn’t sly enough to just say small, instead he tried guessing random numbers. No, honey, these hips will NOT fit into a size 1, but thanks for trying.;)

  9. 2.21.09

    You’ll have to wait till Monday for our input. That’s when hubby gets home from Florida. I can’t wait to see him. He’s been gone too long!

  10. 2.22.09
    Nadine said:

    My hubby did get – 95%. I would say that’s a good sign.

  11. 2.28.09
    Kailey said:

    My fiance got 98% (funny he missed the i-pod extra credit but he puts all my songs on my i-pod for me, he also git my old bra size but not my current one – though to his credit he bought the bras I used to wear and I never told him I started wearing some old ones again).


  12. 3.3.09
    admin said:

    Thanks, all! My husband gets his couple of days at the Big East Tournament, and I’m going with him!!!

  13. 3.6.09
    Rachel said:

    I know this is late, but I had to let you know the results as I just discovered your blog. My husband (good sport that he is) took the test and got a 40%. We just had our seventh wedding anniversary and he was very apologetic for not knowing me better after all this time!

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