Listen for your angels…

Two dancing butterflies.  Two playful birds.

A purple balloon.  A yellow balloon.  A pink balloon.

A star.

Special stories that have created our earthly bonds with heaven… and the angels who watch over us. Precious tangible things that mean so much to us.

Our angels are always around us.  Near us.  With us.  They live in our hearts and they live in our world. They touch us and they walk with us.  They hold our hands and they embrace us.

And at the most important moments, they let us know they’re here with us.  It’s the miracle of faith and belief and life after life.

To my dearest friends who need their angels… listen.  The fluttering of wings.  The rustle of a balloon.  The swish of a star…

Who is your angel, or angels… and how do you know they’re here?

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 2.24.09
    Erin said:

    I thought of you yesterday. We took Luke to the dr for his two year well visit, and the dr asked if we had a party. Luke said, “Yes. Yellow balloon! Purple balloon!” We had balloons of all colors, but I guess those were his two favorite. It made me smile and think of your angels.

  2. 2.24.09
    Corinne said:

    My Mom – she touched my shoulder (as only she could do when she was alive, hard to express but it was a unique way she did it). But this time I was crying in the room she died in.

    My Pop – when I need help sometimes, his voice and words can enter my head. Sometimes its a country song sung out of tune as he did…sometimes its a Look there, Silly!!”.

    I know they are with me and I will see them face to face when my time comes.

  3. 2.24.09

    Oh Sharon, my precious friend, I consider you a blogesphere angel to me. You always have encouraging words and your posts are kinds of posts that make you want to go pop your favorite popcorn with a good ole’ cold drink, put your cozy p.j.’s or robe on and sit back and enjoy. I truly mean this! I do have a real life angel named Evie, who calls me periodically when my name comes to her mind and tells me that God gave her my name to call to check on. Every time she has called, I needed her prayers. I remember when my precious dog got killed and within hours of it happening, she called me after not hearing from her for years and asked me if something terrible has happened. I could not believe it. Well, I did believe it and it made me a stronger believer in angels. I have others who I consider my angels as well. They are among us and I feel them everyday.

  4. 2.24.09
    Chrissy said:

    You know I agree with you on this! There are so many things that remind me of my angels, from falling leaves and certain colors to songs and recipes. Being wrapped in all of these memories is wonderful – and you’re right that they tend to come to you exactly when you need them most.

  5. 2.24.09
    Emily said:

    Cardinals remind me of my grandfather; blue jays of my brother; and the Madonna song “Holiday” of my sweet aunt.

    My aunt seems to show up when I need to laugh more and not take life so seriously. My brother has shown up almost every day since he died almost three years ago. I think he knows I still need to feel him close by. My grandfather makes his appearances when I’m in bogged down by mundane details and tempted to be bored. He seems to whisper that a life well lived, whether it’s a life of constant change or endless repetition, is nothing to take for granted.

  6. 2.24.09
    Nik said:

    You guys know this already, but its the Pink Panther!

  7. 2.24.09
    Connie said:

    My Mom is my angel.
    The year she died was horrendous, and the year after.
    Our family went through trauma after trauma.
    This year, with her intervention, things have turned around.
    Thank you Mommy, my heavenly angel.
    Love, Connie

  8. 2.24.09

    I have many angels, to many to list here. My two most special angels are my dad and the baby that I miscarried. Very, very special angels! I don’t know how to explain how I know they are with me. I can just feel them, especially when I need them most.

  9. 2.26.09

    just wanted you to know baby caroline’s mom and unborn sibling will be in my prayers right up through july and beyond…my heart breaks for them and i’m praying for miracles and Peace that only He can give.

  10. 2.28.09
    Bernadette said:

    Our angels are always with us- a beautiful red cardinal (Caroline) was out under the tree first thing this morning. Strutting around and fluttering as if she was saying “Welcome back from Florida, Nannie!” It was so refreshing to my spirit and thoughts of our unborn grandson.
    Thanks to Katie Davis for her thoughts and prayers so far things are going well.

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