Do you hate your arms in a sleeveless dress?

Do you hate your arms in a sleeveless dress?

If you “hate” your arms in a sleeveless dress, here are 3 “tricks”/tips you can do –

A scarf… a shrug… and a sweater wrap can go a long way, baby!

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  1. 3.26.09

    Thanks for the tips. I didn’t used to have to worry about my arms, but these days I’m starting to worry a bit! I like the versatility you showed with the different cover-ups. Thanks, Audrey.

  2. 3.27.09
    Sharon said:

    Great post! Now… what to do when you want to wear a Spring dress, but are uncomfortable with your LEGS????

  3. 3.28.09
    Kara-Noel said:

    I don’t hate my arms but I do hate having to cover an awesome outfit when it’s a bit cold. Thanks 🙂

  4. 4.6.09
    Amy said:

    Why wouldn’t you just buy a dress with sleeves???

  5. 6.23.09

    Perhaps I am just not worried about my arms but I was thinking this was to show three exercises to shape up the arms. With 4 children though forget about it! :0)

    The third option was actually the best one in my opinion and would have looked better still if you added some color to it. These choices made you look so blah.

    Thanks for offering a podcast for anyone who doesn’t like their arms…

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