Makeover Time!

I love my sister more than anything in the world. We are similar on my many levels. We have the same sense of humor, the same love for our family and friends, the same drive and desire, the same love of sports and working out. We’re the “same” in many aspects.

But we’re also very different. Our biggest difference may be the fact that I would shop any day, any where – just give me a time and a place! I have always loved new clothes and new makeup and new accessories and new beauty products. Jane, not so much. Jane loves to wear comfortable clothes; a fleece jacket and track pants are her “go-to” clothing. She always looks good and always looks comfortable. But… well, I wanted to make her over! I wanted to give her a new hair cut, have her put on a little makeup and give her a comfortable outfit – but ditch the fleece jacket and track pants.

I don’t know how I was able to accomplish this — but she AGREED TO LET ME! So I called in some reinforcements — two of our best friends from childhood (and also sisters), Leah and Amy. Leah is a master hair/makeup professional. Amy let us completely take control of her kitchen as we did our first MAKEOVER on Jane! A Girls’ Makeover Night!

Jane is donating her cut hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Makeup: e.l.f. products
Clothing: Tops: Old Navy/Pants: American Eagle Outfitters

So…. who wants to be next?

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  1. 3.9.09

    OMG Jane! You are obviously very beautiful without makeup and in your before look, just a bit “outdated” just like I was with my 16yrs of 80’s hair……the after has you looking hip, fresh, and vibrant! Absolutely beautiful Jane and I hope that with this makeover, you find a new self confidence as I did with my mine. I found that I was always hiding behind my hair and when we cut it, I was unable to flick it forward in front of my face….meaning I was out there and you know what? I loved it! I hope you love yours cause you’re rockin’ it woman!

  2. 3.9.09
    Jamie said:

    OH you look gorgeous! 🙂

  3. 3.9.09
    Amy said:

    Jane- You look AWESOME!! What a cutie! You did an awesome job, Audrey!

    Can you make me over next? I need some help 🙂

    PS- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hairstylist’s hair cut. I so wish I could pull off a cute pixie cut like that!

  4. 3.9.09

    Oh my gosh, Jane! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. 3.9.09
    Katja said:

    Jane, I absolutely love your new hair style, you look GORGEOUS! I can’t believe you donated 8 inches and you still have that much left 🙂

  6. 3.9.09
    mercedes said:

    I can’t believe how long your hair was, you lost 8 inches and your hair is still long. Love the new hair style!
    Great job!

  7. 3.9.09
    Dawn - said:

    Where do I sign up – Bravo!

  8. 3.9.09

    Wow Jane! You just went from casual & cute to hip & hot. Just gorgeous! I wish I had a sister to do that to me!

  9. 3.9.09

    Love it!!! Jane, you look fabulous. You were gorgeous before, but now you’re absolutely stunning!

    Any room on your makeover schedule for me? 😛

  10. 3.9.09

    Jane, your “after” is absolutely beautiful – LOVE the hair! But what struck me the most is how PRETTY your skin looked “before” – with no makeup! It looked great! You must take really good care of it! That’s natural beauty right there!

  11. 3.9.09
    Amy said:

    I know I said it on twitter but you look GREAT!!

    Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker look alike!!

  12. 3.9.09

    Wow…you look awesome! And what a great cause!!
    Like you, I tend to favor the comfortable (read: frumpy!) stuff–I need to break out of my “comfort” zone (pun intended) and get my fashion swerve back on!
    Audrey?? HELP!! 🙂


  13. 3.9.09

    LOVE THE NEW LOOK! Great video.

    sign me up, sisters. 😉

  14. 3.9.09

    Yay, Jane! That was very brave to take a risk like that. I’d love to hear how you feel about your new look. I’m working on reinventing my image as well and am feeling great about it. Hope you love the results of your makeover.

  15. 3.9.09

    How fun! This is my kind of makeover. You look really cute Jane!

  16. 3.9.09
    Jamie Lee said:

    Look out, world! Jane’s in the house.
    Love the new do and the makeup. The outfit is adorable.
    But, the best part? That dazzling smile – you look great, honey!

  17. 3.9.09

    OMG! I love it. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this series. So fun!

    Jane — you look fab 🙂

  18. 3.9.09
    Nancy B. said:

    Jane! You look amazing! I’m laughing to myself right now, because as I type this, I’m wearing sweat pants and a Tshirt. Love the new look, and it’s so great that a wonderful cause is benefiting.

    Would love to have a make-over myself. Looks like so much fun!

  19. 3.9.09

    I LOVE IT Jane…. You are so beautiful and your hairstyle is hot. Way to go girls!!! What did Jane’s hubby say?

  20. 3.9.09
    Alicia said:

    Jane, you look amazing! Great job ladies!

  21. 3.9.09
    feener said:

    i am IN…..we need some sponsor and get my ass to RI

  22. 3.9.09
    Adin said:

    You looks beautiful and she feels beautiful.. you guys also look almost like sisters, Audrey! 🙂 hehehe…

  23. 3.9.09

    Jane, you must tell us your secret for beautiful skin! It’s flawless.

    You rocked the makeover, I loved it. Great way to start my Monday!

  24. 3.9.09
    Miguelina said:

    I love it – a makeover in the kitchen! You look gorgeous!

  25. 3.9.09

    So fun, love the song, love the wind in the hair, most of all LOVE the makeover!!


  26. 3.9.09
    Mom said:

    Janie… You are always my beautiful “baby” girl, but wow, what a woman! I LOVE your haircut and make-up! Leah is a genius with scissors and her palette! Kudos to Audrey, too… and Amy and her adorable little Olivia (I saw Olivia in the video, too)!

    Am I next?

  27. 3.9.09

    Um, I loved the before!! Seriously, I loved the length and wave to your hair and your skin looks great!

    But, this after you look absolutely gorgeous! You are glowing – your cute looks fab and the make-up looks natural. Great job!!!

  28. 3.9.09
    Jill said:

    LOVE IT!!

  29. 3.9.09
    Heather said:

    I have been trying to figure out how to give myself a makeover on a budget. Those ELF products looked great, so I ordered some. Hopefully I can do this for myself! Thank you for the inspiration. You look awesome!

  30. 3.9.09

    Jane – you look gorgeous!!!

  31. 3.9.09
    Janine said:

    Jane, not only do you look absolutely wonderful, you girls look like you had so much fun!! I wanted to be there haha.

    Audry, I look forward to your post all the time. You are doing a really really great job!

    Leah, I love your hair and style!

  32. 3.9.09

    Awesome makeover!!
    I’ll be next if you ever make a trip to Kansas 😉
    Or at least a tutorial on how to use cover-up on blemishes and break-outs 😉

  33. 3.10.09

    Who wants to come to VA or get me to RI? Just beautiful!

  34. 3.10.09

    Jane looks fabulous – wow! I hope you are enjoying your new look!

  35. 3.10.09
    Sara said:

    What a great idea! Love the end results. Jane is a gorgeous girl.

  36. 3.11.09
    Kathy said:


    This was really fun to watch!
    I love me some makeovers!

  37. 3.12.09
    Kristin said:

    Jane looks awesome! If I still lived in CT, I would beg to be next.

  38. 3.18.09
    Heather said:

    Jane, you are always beautiful but let me say girl…you should be on the cover of magazines!! You are a hottie! Did you like your makeover? How are you adjusting to the big hair cut??

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