Fashion Don't (from Disney)

Walking around Disney for the last 5 days… I’ve seen a ton of Fashion DOs and (oh, yes) some Fashion DON’Ts.

Allow me to share one of my big Disney Fashion Don’ts with you…

Please don’t wear socks with sandals.

Let me reiterate – especially out and about. I cannot even begin to tell you how many women had this look going…

It’s sunny. It’s hot (like 90 degree hot). And it’s SANDALS with shorts/capris. Stay away from the socks! 🙂

Just my two cents…

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  1. 5.4.09

    oh yes, this is bad – never has this been a good thing. agreed.

  2. 5.4.09
    corrin said:

    Not only are socks with sandals hideous, it has to be extremely uncomfortable in the heat!

  3. 5.4.09
    dizzymum said:

    Really? Women wearing socks with sandals? Who would do it? Usually it’s an older man thing (my Dad included!)

  4. 5.4.09
    Sarah said:

    That is the biggest faux pas with fashion, I would say. I saw it *all* the time when I lived in Florida. You can tell the difference between the locals and the “outsiders” with that, especially on the beach [unless they’re over the age of 60, and then they’re just old ;)]

  5. 5.4.09
    JAB said:


  6. 5.4.09

    I agree!!

  7. 6.17.09
    Miche said:

    HAHAH, nice. I used to work at Disney and saw all kinds of things people should never be seen wearing….lol!

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