Finding the "perfect dress" at Marshalls

Jen from Savor the Thyme was looking for the “perfect dress.” She was kind enough to let me experiment on her with some different dresses and shoes at Marshalls last week. I think we did PERFECT!

Jen… you looked GORGEOUS!!

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  1. 7.14.09
    Fuzzy said:

    So, when can you come to Virginia and do a makeover for Me???? Can I be next, please!

  2. 7.14.09
    farmnwife said:

    I think she looked great in all of the dresses.

  3. 7.14.09

    Jen, you looked beautiful in everything, but you picked my favorite choice for you!! LOVE the shoes, too. You look smokin’!

  4. 7.14.09

    LOVELOVELOVE the look! And the shoes? Oooo-la-la! Jen is a perfect model!

  5. 7.14.09
    Lisa said:

    How fun! Anytime you want to take a road trip to Chicago and do a make-over (dress shopping) on a not-so-skinny girl, I am up for it!! I loved the red and navy blue dress. So cute! I loved the dress she chose as well. That would definitely be the one I would have chosen. Classic!

  6. 7.14.09

    What a great video! It’s given me some ideas! You look awesome Jen! *my roomie*

  7. 7.14.09

    Great! I think I better take my butt to Marshalls. I’ve been hearing about them for about two weeks now.

  8. 7.14.09

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  9. 7.15.09
    Mandee said:

    Jen looked great in all of the dresses! I would have to say the shoes were super cute!

  10. 7.15.09
    Adin said:

    I love the black on her, like you said it is very classic! Fits just right on her. And the electric blue is Gorgeous! You guys picked such good dresses. 🙂

    the shoes are great too! Marshalls is the place to go!

  11. 7.16.09

    Yay, my town just got a Marshall’s, and I have a coupon. I’m so there! Jen is definitely a dress girl – she looked great in everything. Such will power to choose only one. Gorgeous.

  12. 7.20.09

    That dress is amazing! Great pick Jen. I had no idea Marshall’s had great dresses like that 😀

    Audrey I so want to go shopping with you!! If you ever want some one from Eastern CT [the Rhode Island border is 15 minutes from me email me anytime!

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