Graphic Tees – A fashion DO or DON'T?

I am asked this all the time… and I finally thought it was time to answer! 😉


Fashion DO or DON’T?

In all honesty, this one depends. I love wearing graphic tees to the gym or to the beach or out to lunch; they are very cute to pair with jeans. BUT there are some tasteful graphic tees and then there are some not-so-tasteful graphic tees.

Here are some examples of tasteful ones…

As you can tell, these are appropriate for moms to wear. They are fun, chic and simply stated.

Then you have these kinds of graphic tees…

Yeah, can’t see it being too appropriate picking up William and Alexander at preschool with a “I’m Am A Good Catch” tee on.

So really use your judgment when going after graphic tees. They can be a HUGE fashion DO if you choose graphics that are “motherly” appropriate.

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  1. 7.24.09

    See, I’m sort-of in agreeance, but I also disagree. Yes, you need some “kid friendly” shirts, but I don’t think they all should be. A woman shouldn’t only be defined as a mom with her clothes. Some days, we want to “escape” it for a bit, and sometimes, we can do that with clothes, even if it’s a shirt that says “F’ Off”, LOL.

  2. 10.24.09
    SieC said:

    love them just give me them for free

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