Let’s PLEDGE to drink more WATER! (It’s 85 degrees here today.)

A little over four years ago, I gave up drinking soda (or as some say, “pop”) because of recurring digestive problems and post-teen skin problems. I literally woke up one morning and said, “That’s it. No more.” I remember the look on my husband’s face as I went into the fridge and opened and dumped the remaining cans. Priceless moment. I was also pregnant at the time with our second son, and I knew I needed to be pumping my body with the best things possible, soda not being one of them.

I needed to be healthy. I really needed and wanted to be the healthiest version of me, so I turned to water. Water is the “golden” drink, and I knew it was exactly the drink of choice that my body and mind needed. Water comprises 50 to 75% of our body (depending on sex and body type). Water supports the conduction of electrical charges in our body that maintain the rhythm of our heart. And most important for me, especially for my pregnancy, water keeps the body hydrated. Dehydration is dangerous for anyone, never mind during pregnancy. Hydration is key to keeping yourself healthy and your body free of toxins. I remember when reading that I should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, I nearly fell off my chair. 8 glasses? How would I do that? But…

I did it. I started drinking water every single day — 8 glasses or more. It was like a water bottle was permanently attached to my body. Almost overnight, my skin cleared up. I noticed that I just felt all-around better. I wasn’t getting sick. I wasn’t feeling sluggish. I wasn’t dehydrated (no, not by any stretch of the imagination). I had lots of energy. I felt amazingly awesome! (And this was coming from a pregnant lady.)

Fast forward 4 years. 2 more sons. A move from NYC to Rhode Island. I’m now a mother who is constantly on-the-go, working from home and taking care of 4 boys (4 and under). My life is anything but predictable or calm. I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere. I’ve needed to stay on my “A-game,” but the problem now is… I’m BUSY. I hardly have time to eat, never mind keep myself up on 8 glasses of water a day. Not to mention, as much as I love an ice cold glass of water… I need a little more flavor to my day, especially with it being summer. Water gets a little boring day after day. So I turned to Crystal Light. Plain and simple — it has been my saving grace. Crystal Light adds great taste and absolute-DELICIOUSNESS to my water.

But (the best part) — did you know this? — women who drink Crystal Light are drinking 20% more water than plain water drinkers. That’s good news for women who want to try to drink more water. You’re getting your water intake, but with some taste. I’m loving that. And once you stop and think what’s it’s doing to your body, you’ll love it, too.

The importance of drinking water and adding it into your daily routine is essential. It really is, for every ounce of your body.

So… Crystal Light has invited me to challenge my Mom Generations readers. They want you to be and stay hydrated. This is what I want to ask you to do… let’s PLEDGE TOGETHER to get serious about staying hydrated. It’s still summer. It’s hot. This is the hottest it will probably get in many geographic areas, so it’s very important to keep yourself 100% hydrated. Not only for yourself, but for your family. PLEDGE that you will stay hydrated for the next week… consciously making the choice. Every reader who pledges is entered to win a $500 gift card. YES! $500! So let’s get going!

I am PLEDGING to stay hydrated by bringing my water bottle around with me wherever I go. I will absolutely make sure I’m consuming enough of my Crystal Light (pink and yellow) lemonade.

There will be another chance for a $500 gift card next week, too!

**This post was sponsored by Crystal Light.**

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  1. 8.11.09
    Cassie said:

    Being pregnant right now I try to drink as much water as possible, crystal light is defiantly the way to go! Thanks for this post!

  2. 8.11.09
    Laney Gibson said:

    I will pledge! This means giving up my Diet Dr. Pepper, but I’ll give it a whirl.

  3. 8.11.09
    Karen Tigner said:

    Just saw this on Twitter. Great post! I will try to drink as much water as I can this week. I hear the Crystal Light Iced Tea is great. Will check it out. Thanks!

  4. 8.11.09

    I am so posting this. Thank you for reminding me.

  5. 8.11.09

    Saw you on twitter good idea to drink more water at any time !

    beaut Avatar by the way !

  6. 8.11.09

    I’m drinking a glass of water as I work on the computer so I’m definitely in! If you’ve ever had the misfortune to get heat stroke its a wake up call to stay hydrated!

  7. 8.11.09
    Linda Maintz said:

    Love this! Just saw on Twitter! Sign me up! Everyone should be doing this.

  8. 8.11.09
    Amy said:

    Amen! I switched from drinking (gasp!) almost a 12 pack a day of Diet Coke to drinking water with Crystal Light and I feel so much better! I probably get 100 plus ounces in a day.
    I credit lots of it to my Crystal Light and my super cute HUGE mug with a straw that I take everywhere. Gotta have the right supplies!
    And I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together but my acne has totally cleared up lately and I am sure it’s the water! Woohoo!

  9. 8.11.09
    Kaitlin Schwartz said:

    I will pledge!! I try to be really good about drinking my water during the day and at night for my runs, I want to be as hydrated as possible!

  10. 8.11.09
    Matthew M said:

    You’ve got me. OK, I’m in.

  11. 8.11.09
    Gina said:

    Great post, I AGREE! Crystal light is awesome (however I tend to buy the store brand since it’s much cheaper), I really still need to drink more water, getting healthy that’s still something I lack.

  12. 8.11.09
    Wes Wyatt said:

    We drink LOTS of Crystal Light here in the Wyatt House!

    With that said – we pledge to drink much more water – and Crystal Light – this week!

    Have a DYNAMITE day!

  13. 8.11.09
    Jill Jones - CA said:

    First time on your blog. Very cool. I will pledge. Great idea. I’m very into fitness and health, so this is up my alley.

  14. 8.11.09
    Christine said:

    I pledge to try my best to drink more water. Crystal Light may help… Perhaps I should pick some up, eh?

  15. 8.11.09
    Madeline Myers said:

    I love Crystal Light. Didn’t even think I was drinking more water b/c it tasted better. Very cool. Very sneaky cool. Sign me up!

  16. 8.11.09
    margaret said:

    I never drink enough water but I know I should. I do drink more when it’s hot out though. And your right – Crystal Light tastes sooo good – my favorite is the rasperry ice tea – the single packs – so convenient!

    I pledge to drink more water too!

  17. 8.11.09
    Kari C. said:

    I’ll pledge to drink more water and I’m looking forward to trying some of the Crystal Light.

  18. 8.11.09
    kerri perroni said:

    I took will take the pledge. I need to ditch the iced coffee habit. Luckily I am ALREADY a huge fan of Crystal Light and drink it daily already. CL Decaf iced tea is my favorite.

  19. 8.11.09

    Sounds like a great idea. My doc says drink more water, so either way I win.

  20. 8.11.09
    kristine mckenna said:

    I pledge to drink more water daily!! I love water with a little slice of lemon – so refreshing on these extremely hot and humid days!!!

  21. 8.11.09
    Jamie said:

    Thanks for this reminder and I make the pledge!

  22. 8.11.09

    I will pledge right along with you. For the longest time I was great about drinking water and eliminating everything else – but lately, notsomuch. I need to get back to the healthy me! Thanks for the reminder.

  23. 8.11.09
    Linda S said:

    I pledge to not only drink more water but to also give up the soft drinks that abound. Soda is usually the only thing I drink, except for the glass of water I drink right before bedtime.

  24. 8.11.09
    Anon said:

    I know this will be deleted, but how much are you getting paid to encourage people to drink more poison (aspertame in the Crystal Light!) instead of what’s truly healthy and that’s just plain water???

    Google the risks of aspertame & spend just 15 minutes reading the facts. Then tell me if you ever want to put a drop of that crap in your body again……….no matter how much they pay you to do so.

  25. 8.11.09
    admin said:

    I won’t delete you message ANON. I have a trackback code, no worries. This is a paid/sponsored post. I have said it before, and I will say it again – I will never, ever endorse anything (paid or non-payment) that I don’t use or don’t believe it and truly like. I love the openness of this “world” – in that I can receive a comment like yours. I wish you would state your name so we can actually have a open – 2-sided conversation. You’re always welcome to email me .

  26. 8.11.09
    kim sanders said:

    sorry you have to deal with some people. is it that hard to email you on the side? anyways, i am pledging. i drink way too much diet soda and i really need to make some changes. perhaps this is what will kick me in gear. thanks, audrey. love your blog – by the way.

  27. 8.11.09
    kate said:

    I’m in. I try to drink 3 liters a day, but have been slacking off due to the chaos of moving a household with three children 3 and under. So I will pledge to get back to my old standard, and who knows? maybe even up it to 4!

  28. 8.11.09
    Colleen Campton said:

    I’m in! Thanks for this. Just what I need. Great post.

  29. 8.11.09

    I will take the challenge!! I was just thinking to myself…..
    “Self, you need to drink more water.”
    Ok, it was more like “YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER.”

    I have been terrible. I always go for the caffeine or juice over water.

    I am up for the challenge. (with water in my hand)


  30. 8.11.09
    Meg B said:

    I am sitting her at my desk, with my 1L bottle (which is the source of many comments about how thirsty I must be!) of water that I continue to refill with various things to give it flavor… Can’t say that I’m dehydrated though. I, too, have all but done away with soda (still can’t say *pop* even after almost 10 years in the Midwest!) . I will pledge to continue to drink more water, especially now that I’ve gotten myself out of the workout rut that I had been in for most of the summer! Thanks for the great post! Hope that all is well!

  31. 8.11.09
    kat said:

    i just gave up my precious coca cola last week so i am IN. water and crystal light, here i come.

  32. 8.11.09

    I pledge to stay hydrated – I’m in Florida on vacation so I’m drinking water constantly!

  33. 8.11.09
    Anne said:

    I’ll do it! I do the diet soda thinking it is “healthy”, but I do know that water is 1000% better for me.

  34. 8.11.09
    Stephanie said:

    I have been struggling with this for years – I look at the clock and it’s late afternoon and I realize that I haven’t had a drop of water yet that day! Maybe this is the kick in the pants I need to really get serious about getting the water I need … !!

  35. 8.11.09
    Stephanie said:

    I’m in. I feel sluggish all the time. Maybe this will help. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. 8.11.09
    Aubrey Melton said:

    I’m in. I know this means throwing out my Sprite. But I’m in. Do you have water bottles you could send out? 🙂

  37. 8.11.09
    Massy May said:

    never tried crystal light but i’ll give it a whirl.

  38. 8.11.09
    Bonny said:

    I’m with ya!

  39. 8.11.09
    KELLY HUNT said:

    ME, TOO! I’M IN!

  40. 8.11.09
    Amanda Noonmer said:

    Count me in! GREAT post!

  41. 8.11.09
    Jennifer R said:

    I pledge to stay more hydrated this next week and I sincerely hope it helps with my sluggishness.

  42. 8.11.09
    Barbara Moser said:

    I am pledging. Wonderful idea.

  43. 8.11.09
    Jessie said:

    I absolutely pledge to drink more water! I just bought a cute reuseable waterbottle, so now I can take some with me on the go. 😀 Crystal Light is such a great motivator! I love that there’s actually a great flavor, not just a tiny bit of flavor.


  44. 8.11.09
    Jenny said:

    I have a history of kidney stones, but I’ve been slacking on the water drinking lately. I pledge to drink at least 8 cups a day this week!

  45. 8.11.09
    Miche said:

    You know, I never thought that maybe my current skin problems were increased by me drinking soda! My skin started acting up again after I got pregnant, and it has been on and off with being good ever since. I definatly drink more soda and coffee now as a way to “wake up or get energy”, but goodness, I need to cut it out and turn to water!

  46. 8.11.09
    Melissa Barnes said:

    I am pledging to stay hydrated! I am a water drinker anyway but will make a conscious effort to have my water bottle with me always!

  47. 8.11.09
    Kate said:

    I’ll pledge to that! Late nights out with friends, early mornings working out, weekends spent by the pool and beach. Luckily, we have Crystal Light single packs here at work! 🙂

  48. 8.11.09
    Kelly said:

    I just started drinking these about three weeks ago. Amazing, tasty, doesn’t feel like I’m drinking splenda.

  49. 8.11.09
    Kelly said:

    I too pledge! I am always trying to drink more water so maybe adding a little flavor could help me get to those 8 glasses a day!

  50. 8.11.09
    Jennifer said:

    Sounds great! I’ll join in!

  51. 8.11.09
    Keith said:

    Is there any water in Beer???

  52. 8.11.09
    Mikelle said:

    As a nursing momma, I know I need to be drinking more water. Hear, hear!

  53. 8.11.09
    Renee said:

    I love Crystal light and am pledging to drink more water!

  54. 8.11.09
    cherylp said:

    I love Crystal Light! I am now experiencing those same symptoms you were describing and Ive had enough! No more soda for me either! More water!!! (preferably with ice…lots of ice!)

  55. 8.11.09
    Stacy Davies said:

    I love that you are advocating the use of more water instead of soda. However, the ingredient Nutrasweet/aspartame in Crystal Light should really be considered when switching for health reasons. There is mounting evidence that this chemical is harmful to humans. There is talk that the FDA may ban it soon. (http://tinyurl.com/pbzvea)
    Personally I quit all Nutrasweet products, including my beloved Diet Coke one year ago when diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at 40. I am definitely not an expert on this controversy, but wanted to “put it out there” that water may be better for you without the Crystal Light.

  56. 8.11.09
    Fran Futlon said:

    Love to pledge. Thank you for encouraging women to just be hydrated. Its SO important.

  57. 8.11.09
    Stacey said:

    I have to agree with Stacy Davies 🙂 I will definitely take the pledge, but it’s going to be straight water for me. It’s not worth the health risks to drink stuff like Crystal Light.

  58. 8.11.09

    I just had my tonsils out yesterday. The doctors and nurses could not say enough about drinking lots of water post-op to speed the healing process.

    And if anyone doubts how important it is to be drinking constantly in the heat, I had to stop drinking 12 hrs before the procedure and by the time I went in, they could barely find a vein on me – I dehydrated that fast!

    Definitely sign me up!!

  59. 8.11.09
    Joe C. said:

    I too will take the pledge! Maybe if I drink from the showerhead during my morning shower, it will give me a big advantage!?

  60. 8.11.09
    Jodi said:

    I pledge, definitely!

  61. 8.11.09
    Char said:

    I gave up drinking soda almost two years ago and it was the single best thing I ever did. I love my water and I can tell when I haven’t had enough.

    So I will gladly join the pledge to drink more water – because even though it is my drink of choice, I’m still not getting a full 8 glasses of it a day.

  62. 8.11.09

    I love to drink water and choose it regularly over other beverages but I still need to drink more of it on a daily basis. I join the pledge.

  63. 8.11.09
    Dad said:

    I pledge to drink water every day.

  64. 8.11.09
    Jennifer said:

    I pledge to drink lots more water. I was known to always have my water bottle with me at work and always encouraging others to drink more plain water as well.

  65. 8.11.09
    Amy said:

    I LOVE my Crystal Light, but I did not know I was drinking 20 percent more water with it! That is fab. I will definitely pledge to drink EVEN more now!

  66. 8.11.09
    Poppy said:

    I adore ice water so I don’t have trouble getting my water intake when I remember to drink liquids of any sort, but I LOVE the pink and yellow lemonade flavors, and the raspberry ice!

  67. 8.11.09

    Such a timely post really . . . I am pregnant with #5 – yup #5! This is the first time I’ve been pregnant in the summer too. I have this “thing” about warter . .. I don’t like it – at all! So for years I’ve been buying cran-grape juice (the 100% stuff) and just using a loosely 4 to1, water to juice ratio. It’s worked mostly, although I still have to consciously force myself to drink every day! About 2-3 weeks ago my dentist asked me if I drank soda or coffee with sugar, or some other sweet beverage – ooops! I decided it was time to cut out the juice. So now I’m drinking water – with a squirt of lemon juice in it – and lovin’ it!! It has to be ice cold and have the lemon but I feel so much better about it – I know it’s good for me and baby and hopefully my dentist will agree! 🙂 I’m definitely in on the pledge! Thanks for the reinforcement!

  68. 8.12.09
    Donnetta said:

    A pledge for one week… very doable! I’m in.

  69. 8.12.09

    Congrats to you Audrey! I know you can do it! I started the Water Way challenge back in May and even have the widget on my homepage that helps me keep track of my intake in a fun little way.I’m a part time night shift staff nurse on a busy surgical floor. Since I started the challenge my water consumption has increased significantly and I feel so much better! I now drink a lot more water, especially when I work because I once had the misfortune of having a
    sudden attack of severe pain from an unknown bladder infection.That wasn’t fun at all. I now have a great, large aluminum water bottle called a Sigg (an Eco-Friendly, Reusable Swiss Water Bottle) that keeps my water super cold, just the way I like it.I also carry around Crystal Light To Go packets (my fave flavors are lemonade, lemon tea and the Energy-wild strawberry flavor). Another key step into drinking more water is to have water with every meal, a tall glassful is the best. This ensures that at least 3 times a day you’ll have a fair amount of water consumption.Another bonus– I notice that when I drink more water at meals, I tend to not over eat as much because I feel satiated. Well,Good Luck and stay focused! Here’s a little poem I wrote that might give you an inspiring chuckle!

    Sorry, there isn’t any water,
    not a drop is left to drink,
    ’cause Granny left the faucet running,
    and it all went down the sink.
    Lets take all of our empty bottles,
    and beg our neighbors to fill them up,
    This way we won’t get too thirsty,
    and we’ll only give Granny one cup!
    Ok, Ok, I know that seems pretty cruel,
    ’cause our Granny does need lots of water, too
    our nice neighbors will have plenty of water to share and we’ll give Granny 8 cups–that seems nice & fair!



  70. 8.12.09
    Maureen said:

    I have also given up soda.. I am not going to claim I never have one but every once in a while I might have one if I am out to dinner.. But usually I drink just water. I know that I do not drink 8 full glasses of water a day. I pledge to drink at least that much and will be using the Crystal Light Lemonade as well. Going to add it to the grocery list.
    Great post.. and 4 boys 4 and under you definitely need the energy.
    Thanks for the chance and the great information

  71. 8.12.09
    Caroline said:

    I love the call to drink more water, but turning all of your water into a Crystal Light diet drink defeats the healthy endeavor. I’ve yet to see how Crystal Light is much better than diet soda (if at all). Do you have an information on this? Aspartame may be safe in moderation, but if you vow to drink more water and drink all of your water with Crystal Light, you may be pushing it, since the FDA definitely is not assuming an individual is drinking a gallon of diet beverage a day, but rather 8 oz or so! Take care of yourself. I enjoy your blog and your energy. I’m not trying to rain on the parade here. I just find it so disappointing when companies try to market unhealthy products by jumping on the health bandwagon and manipulating information– we all know there is nothing healthy about Crystal Light! itself. Just look at the ingredient list!! If you have information to the contrary, I’d love to hear it. Thx!

  72. 8.12.09
    Marcia T said:

    I will definitely make that pledge! I just started exercising this week and I know my body craves that water now.

  73. 8.12.09

    With me working so hard on diet and exercise I know I have to drink more water too! It does help me flush out all the “impurities” from my system. Also see my glow coming back when I do too!
    I pledge to drink more WAT-AAH!

  74. 8.12.09
    connie said:

    Count me in! I will pledge to drink more water and consume less coffee. Those individual crystal light packs are great! Feels like a treat.

  75. 8.12.09
    Regina said:

    I try to get at least 8 glasses of water a day. It’s always by my side.

  76. 8.12.09
    Laura said:

    This is perfect timing. I decided to give up soda yesterday! I pledge to replace my soda w/ water.

  77. 8.12.09
    Diane said:

    I pledge to drink 8+ plus glasses of water everyday. Cutting out soft drinks is difficult but all the benefits of water are too numerous to list. I am in on the challenge.

  78. 8.13.09
    ErikaRae said:

    Wow it really cleared up your skin overnight? I have been breaking out for some odd reason, so I pledge to start drinking enough water, too. Great encouragement, and I want the gift card!

  79. 8.13.09
    Carol said:

    I drink tons of water in my 64oz hospital water jug following bypass surgery and Crystal light is my saving grace. I find I drink 3-4 of these a day. I love the pink lemonade and natural classic orange. They are always coming out with new flavors 2. Everyone always says I have great skin and I can tell a diff when I have had a stressful week and missed my normal intake. I pledge to keep it up. Thanks for the boost!

  80. 8.13.09
    Pam McDonald said:

    You got me. Just saw your tweet. If you can give up Iced Coffee, I can try to give up my pop. Thanks! GREAT blog!

  81. 8.13.09
    Luke E. said:

    I’m in TX. It’s hot there. You have to drink water all the time. Good job spreading the word.

  82. 8.13.09
    Melissa Hunt said:

    Just saw this on Twitter. I have had a very difficult time trying to get more water into my daily routine, perhaps this will be what I need to do. Sign me up! Thanks for doing this.

  83. 8.13.09
    Ian Gertler said:

    Hi Audrey:

    Great job – saw your post on Twitter! As a Type 1 diabetic for nearly 35 years now, I was always searching for a good drink. Diet Coke was the one of choice, but like you I abandoned that (for the most part) a few years ago. I was also trying to drink more water, but needed more … so I jumped on the Crystal Light bandwagon too.

    My downfall came when I became a coffee lover! I could literally drink two pots each day and be thrilled. However, coffee has been shown to have adverse impacts in big amounts … and even raises cholesterol (tea lowers it). I gave up most of my coffee a few weeks ago, aside from a cup or two in the morning.

    I too am starting to drink more water and pledge to keep going. Thanks for being an inspiration to stay healthy by doing something relatively easy.



  84. 8.13.09
    Bev said:

    Count me in! I’ve been trying to cut out the soda (currently drinking just one/day), so this shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m already hooked on the Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate and drink one every other day or so, but that will change immediately. 🙂

  85. 8.14.09
    Helen Greene said:

    I’m in! Love this. Need to give up my Frappacinos from Starbucks. Too much money and not good for me.

  86. 8.14.09
    LeaAnn Deynor said:

    I saw this post 2 days ago and forgot to respond. For the last 2 days I have been drinking more water. I even went out and bought that Crystal Light Lemonade. Very good, I thought it would taste awful, it’s very sweet. And I see what you mean by the good taste means more water drinking. Very smart. I just wanted to check back in and say thank you. I have felt great the last 48 hours. Sometimes we just need a kick in the butt, thanks for being that kick.
    – L

  87. 8.14.09
    Adam C. said:

    I pledge to drink twice as much as water each day as I have been. Thanks for the great post. Go Crystal Light! Down with Soda!

  88. 8.14.09
    Kristinia said:

    I’m giving up all soda! After getting sick and not drinking enough water I’m back to drinking filtered H20!

  89. 8.14.09
    Keith said:

    I pledge to drink water every day!!

  90. 8.15.09

    We just discovered Crystal Light and I am very excited to pledge to stay hydrated with its water flavoring help!

  91. 8.15.09
    Lisa said:

    I would love to meet the challenge and try to drink more water and stay hydrated. One little problem: I’m one of those weirdos who REFUSES to consume artificial sweetener. Plain and simple, I don’t trust their long term effects. All the Crystal Light flavors are made using artificial sweeteners. I guess it’s plain old water for me.

  92. 8.15.09
    Janae said:

    I’m pledging right now! I prefer water and crystal light over anything else. Seems like if I drink soda I just get more thirsty for water and dehydrated more quickly. Thanks for the reminder!

  93. 8.17.09
    Rebecca said:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try and drink more water. Water is truly a miracle substance. You must have the clearest skin! What kind of water do you drink? Tap? Filtered? I have a great water processor(Bauer Energy Design) that gives me the purest water with no bio film. Taste sooo good. http://waterprocessor.wordpress.com/

  94. 1.21.10
    lokesh said:

    I drink more then 12 glass of water per day. Even i smoke does its effect our doby. Please advise me on this asap.

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