Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Spring 2010 Trends

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was all about Spring 2010. Each designer unveiled his or her looks for the upcoming Spring season. It’s ironic watching gorgeous Spring/Summer clothing grace the runway as Fall comes into view. While in NYC for the week – the weather went from 85 degrees Monday, to cold and rainy and about 65 degrees the last day. I was wearing a skirt and tank one minute and jeans and a sweater the next. But I will say, regardless of the weather conditions outside, seeing the fashions this past week definitely put (no pun intended) a spring in my step!

Everyone’s been talking about the trends. What are they? Are they do-able for Moms? Are they fun? Are any the same from last year?

As with every season, trends will emerge… but only a few will stick. Each designer will bring forth their Collection, each with its own inspiration… and, as with every season, there will be some overlap with design and style – a.k.a: TRENDS.

Here are my 5 TOP trends for Spring 2010:

1.) The MINI, MINI.


Hello, ladies – welcome to your legs. Yup, they’re back and I have to say, they’re pretty stunning. I will disclose right now — I don’t think the MINIS are going to be the safest and easiest fashion choice for mothers (after all, it’s tough to bend, run, pick-up and chase in one), but they are going to be everywhere, so we may as well embrace them now. What I personally loved about this MINI trend was seeing what the designers were pairing it with – spectacular blazers and blouses. The whole outfit itself wasn’t tight and sexy, it was elegant and classic. And when I say MINIS, I don’t just mean skirts — shorts and dresses. Shorts are going to be big this Spring, and the use of loose fitting fabrics make the MINIS even more sophisticated looking.

2.) The SUIT.


The suit is going to be back, but this time around it’s ULTRA feminine and fun. Gone are the days of big-shoulder padded power suits with wide trousers pants. Say hello to a more classic and fun approach to power suit dressing. Sequins and beads and tight belts and bold colors will appear, and they will be fabulous. I love that the suit is making a comeback in such a feminine way… I love that I can pair shorts with a blazer and accessorize the look together with a stunning belt. These are the new approaches to the SUIT. Take pieces of suits that you have right now and play around with them. Take a blazer and pair it with a pair of shorts or a different skirt you have. Take a pair of shorts and blouse and accessorize with show-stopping belt. You can pull from what you have with this trend.

3.) SILK.


Silk seems to be a HUGE fabric of choice for Spring 2010. For any ladies with a sweating problem, this could be a touch one. Silks were everywhere and they just looked luxuriously beautiful. Dresses. Blouses. Pants. Tanks. Skirts. Silks were out in full force and they flowed and draped each body to perfection. Silk is one of those fabrics that graces a body in such a classic fashion. I loved seeing a pair of pants go down the runway paired with a magnificent silk blouse, it makes the outfit pop and go from average to superb. If you have any silk in your closet now, bring it on out. This is one of those trends you may already have in your closet and don’t have to worry about doing anything with.

4.) Cinched Waists.


In every Collection I saw, there was at least 2 or 3 looks with Cinched Waists. We’re seeing this a lot right now, and it’s not going anywhere. Cinched Waists simply help pull outfits together -plain and simple. Nothing is required except a belt… and the belt can be any kind of belt you may have, if it can hold something up, it’s going to work. Dresses. Suits. Tunics with leggings. Tops with skirts. Tops with shorts. There was every kind of combination on the runway. This is a staple look that I love and am very happy this will continue to trend.



Ahh… the biggest question of all – What are the hot colors for spring? There were bright and bold colors – Custo Barcelona’s show was filled with yellows and blues and purples and fuchsias. There were neutral colors – Carolina Herrera’s show was filled with roses and camels and caramels. Donna Karan’s show was filled with Earth element colors – blues, nudes, creams and reds. As many people know, Ana Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) said that she felt RED was going to be the color of Spring 2010… to be honest, I have to agree. The reds that came down the runways just glistened and shown and stunned. I would put my money on RED.

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  1. 9.21.09

    I am so glad about the cinched waists because I love thick belts to accent my “mom” curves. 😉

  2. 9.22.09
    bubbs said:

    yuck. mini is stupid. and people wearing minis look pretty stupid – like they forgot to put their pants on.

    belts? v cool. love emphasis being put on the natural female shape.

  3. 9.22.09
    Mary said:

    Great Top 5 Audrey!! I LOVE cinched waists and minis 🙂 Now if we could just fast forward to spring!

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