This turning back the hour thing…

I get the Daylight Savings Time thing from an agrarian point of view and all that, but as I was driving home tonight at 6:00 pm and realized that on Sunday it will be dark at 5:00 pm… well, that just set “winter” in my mind.

But I am trying to be positive about the whole “winter approaching” thing. I’m thinking how nice it will be to wake up to glimmers of daylight. I’m thinking about fires in fireplaces. I’m thinking about snowflakes, the rumbling sounds of snow plows in the middle of the night and snowmen. I’m thinking about warm hats and mittens and fur-lined boots. I’m thinking about down comforters. Hot chocolate… with marshmallows. Sleds and tobaggons and tubes. I’m thinking about ice skates, sharpened skis and snow shoes. I’m thinking about how the moon looks so big and so close to earth on still winter nights. I’m thinking about ice crystals shimmering in the morning sunlight. And I’m thinking about candle lights and the magical shadows they cast…

I’ve always been a summer kind of girl… but now I’m happy to welcome the blessings of each season as the earth rotates its gifts.

Yep. I’ll take the extra hour on Sunday and all the “light” that winter’s darkness has to offer.

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