Mom Fashion 101 – Get a Velvet Blazer

I’m getting emails about Holiday attire… I recently received this email from Jan Brockner from Portsmouth, NH (she gave me permission to use her name!):

“You’ve recommended the Little Black Dress a few times as a good choice to wear to Holiday parties. I can never find a Little Black Dress to fit me correctly. I just don’t like dresses. Is there anything else that you feel is a good option for Holiday parties? I have a work one and one for my husband’s office. Thanks.”

Hi Jan! YES, I definitely can! Not everyone likes or feels comfortable in a Little Black Dress (or any kind of dress for that matter). This is what I recommend. The Holidays are all about sparkle and celebration and having a good time, so find pieces that dazzle and entertain and make you feel like celebrating! There are 2 items I recommend looking for, or grabbing out of your closet and giving a whirl…

1. SEQUINS. Anything with sequins… tanks, blouses, blazers, shrugs. Sequins can’t be worn wear round (some will tell you differently), but I really feel sequins are the perfect go-to item for Holiday dressing.


2. Velvet Blazer. Velvet Blazers are classic, elegant and sophisticated. There’s nothing more beautiful than a Velvet Blazer for a Holiday party. And don’t hesitate to use COLOR… like red, burgundy, blues, greens and browns in addition to the classic black. You can wear Blazers with trouser pants, skirts… even jeans! What I love about the Velvet Blazer is that it truly dresses up ANY outfit.

Velvet Blazers

I hope this helps! Let me know what you go with! 🙂

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  1. 11.22.09
    KLG said:

    I had a Velvet Blazer on at Banana Republic the other day, and instead left with a wool “safe” jacket. Now I’m wishing I went back and got the other one. Thanks for the tip, from a woman who never wears a LBD.

  2. 11.28.09

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