"The snow is gone from the driveway, Grandma…"

What question comes after this statement, “The snow is gone from the driveway, Grandma…” when it comes to visiting grandchildren?

Why, of course, it’s… “So can you get out the pogo stick?”

Ah. The snow has all melted. The January day is fairly warm, as warm January days go. I have promised to get the pogo stick from the shed when the snow is gone from the driveway.

And Grandmas must keep their promises… even if this particular Grandma was wearing 4″ spike-heeled boots. First, each child has a turn to see if this is the year that the skills of pogo-sticking stick… the weight, the balance, the height, the rhythm. Then, the demonstration… that glorious moment when the grandchildren think you’re the hero of the universe because you can do this pogo-sticking thing.

Watch my YouTube Link… where I attempt to pogo 57 consecutive times to add to my 57 in 52!

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  1. 1.25.10
    Sarah said:

    You’re just the coolest.

  2. 1.25.10
    Erin said:

    I am still impressed by your pogo stick skills! I remember you did a video awhile back, and I was in awe then.

  3. 1.25.10
    Bobby said:

    Haha! Excellent. I love your idea of doing 57 things in 52 days. I once asked for a pogo stick for my birthday but got Bambi on VHS instead. I was gutted at first, but upon reflection, I did love the movie. Would still like a pogo stick though!

    I just wrote a blog about grandmas, asking if they should be made immortal as they are so cool, look:


  4. 1.25.10
    Lisa said:

    You are amazing! Simply for WEARING those shoes.

  5. 1.25.10

    You never fail to amaze and inspire me. You rock! The pogo sticking was awesome, but what I loved the most about it was hearing your voice.

  6. 1.26.10
    MomOf4 said:

    Can you go see my blog and advise? I love the relationship that you have with your girls. I have one girl and 3 boys. Please help… 🙂

  7. 1.26.10
    Nik said:


  8. 1.27.10
    Melany said:

    You are SUCH a fun Grandma!

  9. 1.30.10
    Jane said:

    I’ve never seen anyone pogo as good as you!

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