5 Things I Hate About Potty Training

I must have blocked the “potty training” days out of my head from William and Alexander. Although – I trained them both in the summer… so it was a lot easier. They were running around in their bathing suits, big boy undies and shorts… not layers of clothing. Yesterday was my first attempt at training Benjamin. After Henry and Ben fought over who’s potty it was… I got down to business with Ben.

I had forgotten how much I have the potty training days… my top 5 things I hated about potty training yesterday:

1. When he pees his pants on the couch… and doesn’t think to tell me. Wet cushions galore. I stripped the couch (which has been done once before) yesterday to wash it.

2. It’s the whole aiming factor. Poor guy, he just didn’t understand that when you don’t aim, it goes EVERYWHERE.

3. Wet pants = wet socks… throughout the downstairs. Mop out all day.

4. My youngest son trying to stand in it… all day.

5. Hearing my good friend (with 4 boys, too) tell me “Wow… all mine got it right away.” Grrr…

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  1. 3.23.10

    I have a 22 month old and was wondering when is a good time to potty train him. maybe this summer?
    I am dreading it but know it’s gotta be done!

  2. 3.23.10
    Chrissy said:

    Potty training my son was soooo much harder than my daughter. It took a year before the kids’ bathroom stopped smelling like urine ALL THE TIME. I was constantly – and I mean constantly – cleaning up his messes and I could NOT get the smell out of the bathroom. WHERE this urine from “missing the toilet” was hiding, I have no idea. :o)

    Good luck!!!! HE WILL GET IT SOON!!!!! And then just one more to go!

  3. 3.23.10
    jen said:

    i can add to this list:

    when they take a poop in the middle of the living room floor!

    gotta love potty training. 🙂

  4. 3.24.10
    FireMom said:

    Ah. We trained during the three weeks that we were, more or less, snowed in this past winter. I can say past now since it’s finally Spring. He still has the occasional accident (like yesterday! ON THE BRAND NEW COUCH!) but, as I wrote on the blog, the potty training was the silver lining to the Winter of Doom.

    The good news is that he will eventually learn what he is doing and you will eventually block this again. I also had blocked it and when I looked back at past posts I had written about it, I was SO shocked at ALL of the drama that occurred! Oh, potty training.

  5. 3.28.10

    Oh, Audrey, you’ll have to give me tips. Brady just turned two, and it’s been 7 years since I’ve potty trained. I don’t even remember how to start. You know I’ll be asking for your advice!

  6. 3.28.10
    Sheena said:

    Oh goodness. We’re thinking about trying to train Jayden. Oh boy…I don’t even wanna think about it! I have a friend who trained hers by throwing cheerios in the toilet. She told him to aim – and he got it. *sigh*

  7. 3.28.10
    Suzanne Simon said:

    I hate it when they poop in their pants, then “helpfully” try to clean themselves up. Thankfully, all 4 of mine are through that stage. No more diapers!!! But each kid learns at his/her own pace. My oldest was 3 1/2 before we even started, but my last kid learned on his own at 2 1/2. Go figure.

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