Potty Training (3rd Time Around)

When I was trying to potty train William and Alexander… I was under the gun. In September of 2007, William was about to turn 3 years old and begin full-time preschool. In September of 2008, Alexander followed suit… he was about to turn 3 years old and start full-time preschool. I was under the gun because they could ONLY start preschool if they were potty trained. Talk about crash-course in training. I just about promised anything and everything to them if they “got it” (fortunately they don’t remember that part). And… as everyone reassured me, they did get it.

So now I have Benjamin. He turns 3 years old in 13 days. He started asking us to go on the “big boy potty” about 4 months ago. Naively I thought to myself, “Ohh… he’ll get this down in no time!” And if we had stayed at it, he may have… but it was the winter (and it was COLD) and the last thing I felt like having Benjamin do was run around in wet pants while we tried to train him. So we pushed it off. With spring here and summer around the corner, I want the size 6 diapers GONE! He doesn’t have school to be trained for. There’s no “deadline” in my mind… but I just want him trained.

So… today Benjamin and I went on a little outing to get him a potty. My husband wanted him to just re-use William and Alexander’s (gag), but I thought Benjamin needed a little something-something to get him excited and ready-to-go (pun intended!). I must say – he was VERY enthusiastic about it. He smiled and laughed and kept telling everyone in the store, “This is my potty!”

I will say… he was cracking me up with his little “I-just-got-a-potty-smile!”

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