Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks with iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove

Quaker Chewy and Afterschool Alliance, along with Miranda Cosgrove, have partnered up to create Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks! It absolutely floored me to find out that 15 million children are unsupervised after school. 15 million! I never realized the number is that high. Quaker, Afterschool Alliance and Miranda Cosgrove are joining forces to spread the word on the importance and value of afters chool programs.

I had the pleasure and delight to be the Mom Correspondent for the Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks Program with Miranda Cosgrove as she took to NYC to spread the amazing message. Miranda is the most down-to-earth, sweet, hard-working 15-yr old I have ever met. It warms my heart to know that my nieces look up to Miranda because she’s the exact kind of girl you want your daughter to look up to. Here is my day with Miranda… (and it was wonderful to interview Miranda along with Isabel from Alpha Mom who was there with her beautiful son):

I also had the privilege to interview 3 amazing people – Bill Fiely of Quaker; Jodi Grant, Executive Director Afterschool Alliance; and Maleka Covington, Director of Development at Harlem RBI, as they shared with me their passions, love and drive for working on Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks! What a pleasure it was to meet these wonderful people. They invigorated me and inspired me!

***And the BEST PART OF ALL! Quaker Chewy’s SWEEPSTAKES with Miranda Cosgrove! Enter to win a PRIVATE concert in your HOME TOWN with 300 of your friends and family!! Check it out!!***

**This is a sponsored post by Quaker.

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  1. 3.16.10
    Wendy said:

    Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I watched a 6 minute video of anything all the way through. This was really well-done & I enjoyed it! I love Miranda – have been a fan for a long time!

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