St. Patrick’s Day STYLE

St. Patrick’s Day is all about (at least for my sons) singing “Lucky the Leprechaun” and getting Lucky Charms Cereal at school. Seriously, it’s all they’ve been talking about this morning. The one request from school today was for the kids to wear GREEN. It didn’t have to be GREEN from head-to-toe, but for my sons… it HAD to be green from head-to-toe. I had to improvise a little… Alexander (my 4-yr old) doesn’t have any green pants. He has “camo” pants, but he said they were “too war for St. Patrick’s Day.” (I’m not kidding.) So I did what I had to do… he wore a pair of 3T pants that are Benjamin’s (that look like capris) to school.

My Kid Fashion Advice today – put them in GREEN! Kids get so excited about dressing up… enjoy the luckiness of the day with some delightful green shades! (My mother, who is proudly half-Irish, even got in on the fun!)

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  1. 3.17.10
    Jillian said:

    My 6 y/o was all about the green this morning too! He wanted green from head to toe but unfortunatly his green sweats were in the wash so he had his green St patty’s day shirt on and some jeans…so cute! My 1 year ols had his St patty’s day tee w/ a white long sleeve and some jeans…also very adorable. I love dressing my kids for St patricks day It’s a tradition in our house

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