The Owlet Who Whispered, “Whoooo?”

I wrote this little verse this morning to my dear friend Beth on the day of her Baby Boy’s birth. My heart is soaring to the sky with joy and happiness for Beth & Brian, Anna & Noah, James & Jake, and for Beth’s family and all of her friends whom she blesses every single day with her love and joy for life and unabashedly perfect sense of humor. I love you, Beth! I am so, so, so happy for you!

The Owlet Who Whispered, “Whoooo?”

A million years ago, or so,
A tiny crack was heard.
And from that tiny crack,
There came a baby bird…

An owlet of downy feathers
And the softest bluish hues,
Who opened its wide eyes
And melodiously whispered, “Whoooo? Whoooo?

Whoooo?” explained its mother,
Who peeked into the nest…
Whoooo? is for heaven,
Which now does all the rest.”

So every single day to come,
For a million years, (or so), it’s true,
The owlet opened up his eyes
And gently whispered, “Whoooo? Whoooo?”

To the sun or drenching raindrops,
To snow or winds or dew…
In light or deepest darkness
Came his whispered, “Whoooo? Whoooo?

Then one miracle morning,
The owlet’s “Whoooo?” was named;
Through all of space and all of time,
From heaven, the answer came.

The winds were perfect
In the March morning’s light,
And with the strength of the universe,
The owlet took flight.

He flew.
He knew.
The “Whoooo? Whoooo?” he asked for,

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  1. 3.29.10
    Erin said:

    Sharon! I am in tears over this. What a beautiful gift to Beth. Now, what can we do to get you out to Northwest Indiana to meet the new owlet? 🙂

  2. 3.29.10
    Nancy said:

    Oh Erin, my thoughts exactly. You are a treasure Sharon. Tears here too. Beth will be so touched.

  3. 3.30.10
    admin said:

    Such a beautiful gift to a beautiful friend on a beautifully joyous day!


  4. 3.30.10

    GOODNESS. Gulp. {Wipes away tears.} I see a children’s book in your future! Beth is going to adore this and Elijah will read it to HIS son one day, I’m sure of it. What a perfect gift for them and everyone Whoooooo has waited impatiently for his blessed arrival. Hugs!

  5. 3.30.10

    Oh Sharon this is perfect. You are such a blessing to Beth, and all of us.


  6. 3.30.10
    Tasha said:

    That is just too sweet!

  7. 3.30.10

    Sharon, this? Is among the greatest gifts I have ever received in my life. So beautiful. So meaningful, simply PERFECT.

    And I love it, my soul loves it with all that it has.

    THANK YOU. So much.

    And I love you, too.

  8. 3.30.10
    Tina said:

    You are amazing. So incredibly beautiful.

  9. 3.30.10
    Elaine said:

    Gorgeous. What a gift you have and that you have given to Beth. Just WOW!

  10. 3.30.10

    I have chills.

    That is beautiful. You have a gift, m’lady.

  11. 3.30.10
    S. said:

    This totally made me cry. I am just a lurker at Beth’s blog. As a patient of infertility and pregnancy loss myself, I have been drawn into her story over time. My miracle angel is asleep upstairs right now. I am so happy Beth has her miracle(s) too. This is such a touching poem, and now I think I have found another blog to lurk!

  12. 3.31.10
    ~love said:

    well, i’m crying with the rest of you. beautiful. and so very true.

  13. 3.31.10
    ~love said:

    ps–megan is totally right about a children’s book. go for it. [seriously.]

  14. 3.31.10

    That is beautiful! I really have no better words but it touches my heart.

  15. 3.31.10

    Sharon, this is just BEAUTIFUL. Love it.

  16. 3.31.10

    Oh my WORD, how gorgeous is this? You. Are. Wonderful.

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