Appreciating the crow’s feet, and other wisdom that comes with age

It hit me the other day that I graduated from high school 12 years ago.

12 years ago I was 17 years old? How is it possible that I still feel 17 sometimes, then? Because 12 years before that I was 5 and I certainly felt a lot different, in that 12-year span, from one point to the other.

Today one of my nieces, whose birth I witnessed just yesterday – at lease it seems like that – turns 9. This year I’ll turn 30. More and more, I find myself thinking, “Where did the time go!?”

(Yes, I know, I’m turning into those people who used to pinch my cheeks, put their hand at the height of their knees, and say, “I remember when you were only this big!”)

I was looking at a recent photo of myself today and, as usual, I noticed all of the things I’d change… for starters: my crooked teeth, the crow’s feet around my eyes, the wrinkles in my forehead.

In my senior yearbook picture, my teeth were less crooked, my skin was smoother and there were definitely no crow’s feet or wrinkles. I could eat anything and not gain a pound. Things on the body were “perkier” (if ya know what I mean). The big 3-0 wasn’t looming. I had “my whole life” ahead of me.

And yet, if I had to make a decision between the two ages, there would be no hesitation: I’d take the 29-year-old me.

With age comes experience. With experience comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the chance to gain insight into choices you made, and perhaps come to different decisions in the choices you’ll make.

Last night, I was having dinner with a friend I’ve known for about two years, but hadn’t seen in person in about 7 months. He said he’s never seen me so happy, so relaxed. I told him I’m glad that’s what I’m projecting because I’ve never felt so happy, so relaxed.

And I know it comes from finally being so content in my personal life… having the experience behind me to know that the way Brian treats me is the way I want to be treated. And the wisdom, which comes with age, to appreciate it.

So, back to that decision. 17-year-old me didn’t know Brian. 29-year-old me does.

Those crow’s feet? They’re worth it.

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  1. 4.28.10
    Sarah said:

    Janie, you’re gorgeous! But moreover, you’re one of the smartest people I know. I love this post and I love that this is where you are in life!

  2. 4.28.10
    Nancy said:

    You my dear are as smart as your mother and just as beautiful too.

  3. 4.29.10
    Connie said:

    Jane, if you look back on Sharon’s pos asking readers to name their favorite body part, you’ll see I answered “my crows’ feet.” Yes, indeed, with age does come a modicum of wisdowm and an appreciation for what and who are good in life, what are true.
    Welcome to maturity.

  4. 4.29.10
    admin said:

    The passage of time revealed on a face is revered in most societies… and by those who love us for who we are on both the outside and inside! Wonderful post, Honey! You will always be MY BEAUTIFUL BABY! xoxox!

  5. 4.30.10
    Lucy said:

    Your light shines from deep inside and radiates through your beautiful face. The first 30 years have brought you, trials, tribulations, wisdom, strength and patience. Although you’ve come far, you still have so many wonderful adventures ahead. My wish for you is that you always be surrounded with only people who truly love you and respect you. May all of your troubles be little ones and all of you blessings be great.


  6. 5.2.10

    Hi Jane, Audrey and Sharon,

    Great post! Yes absolutely appreciate the crow’s feet! I have a new adventure that I thought might interest you or your readers called Lines of Beauty-aging gracefully, one wrinkle at a time. It is such a gift to allow ourselves to be right where we are supposed to be.

    Lines of Beauty is the celebration of aging naturally, and gracefully. It’s about embracing growing older instead of dreading it. Lines of Beauty is a conversation. I hope you will share your thoughts, photos, and the stories that you have about the beauty of aging.

    XO, Louise(from THE HOLE THING)

  7. 5.10.10
    Chrissy said:

    You look GORGEOUS, Jane! Always and forever.

    Your beauty resonates from afar. Love ya!

  8. 5.11.10

    I totally hear you! I would choose 36 year old me over 16 year old me too.

    (But I’d sure like my 16 year old body back. LOL)

    But you still have a 16 year old body!

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