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I had the distinct pleasure to hang out at StyleWeek Providence last week. Providence is a City rich with art and design and fashion and culture. I’ve lived in Providence for a majority of my life… the only “time away” was a NYC break, and I’ll tell you what – I was itching to get “home!” StyleWeek Providence brought together the arts in Providence and truly… rocked the runway!

Rosanna Sinel created and hosted StyleWeek Providence… this was her baby. From conception to delivering last week, it was all her… and it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! She out-did herself and truly dazzled every person that came out to support her, fashion, the designers, Providence and StyleWeek.

I loved every show I got to be at… all of them were full of energy and passion and fabulousness. Rosanna and her team assembled an amazing week of designers…

Karan Sabag Couture Runway Show featuring shoes by Goka Design
Selah D’or Runway Show by David Chum
“Lucille” Collection Runway Show by Karen Beebe
“The Sunrise Cafe” Runway Show by Sam Mendoza
Jewelry Installation Show by Catalina De La Torre
“Cologne” and “Queen of Spades” Runway Show by Sarah Prost
“Coquetta” Runway Show by MadeMOIselle Boston
Runway Show by Kelly Eident
“Mediterraneo” Runway Show by Samuel Vartan
Runway Show by Nirva
Runway Show by David Yoo for Andrea Valentini
“ECC Genuine Bespoke Luxury Menswear” Runway Show by Jeff Lahens
“Creature” Runway Show by Maya Luz
Runway Show by Jessica Abernethy
“Ingenue” Runway Show by Jonathan Joseph Peters

The last show at StyleWeek Providence was by Jonathan Joseph Peters… he was one of the designers in this past season’s Project Runway on Lifetime. I was blown away by his show at StyleWeek Providence… I’m not kidding when I say, I would have worn anything down that runway. The poor woman next to me had to listen to me gushing as every look passed by us.

These were some of my faves…

I adored this one!
Look at how gorgeous the front is...

I absolutely LOVE the ruffle down the front...

(Photos by Kevin DeSoto @Kevin_DeSoto)

I cannot say enough about StyleWeek Providence, it was an amazing week… and the momentum is going to keep going – stay tuned for January!

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