I’m loving OnStar (even in the Hamptons)

This past weekend I went to an OnStar event set in the Hamptons.  Considering the Hamptons is one of the most beautiful places to visit, I was extremely, extremely excited to go. Especially knowing one of my best friend’s was heading there, too – Ms. Vera Sweeney.

From the beginning of the weekend, all the way to the end… I had an incredible time. OnStar did their best in allowing us to come out there and truly enjoy our weekend of rest and relaxation, all while allowing OnStar to be the back-drop of the weekend. And seriously… it was. Everything we did this weekend required us to drive to… and since none of us know the Hamptons at all, it was essential to practice and try-out each car’s OnStar service.  It’s funny because I’ve seen this commercial a ton lately…

… but it never really dawned on me that those are the perks of OnStar. I kept thinking that OnStar is just for an emergency, but it’s so much more.

– Turn-by-Turn Navigation

This feature was our saving grace this past weekend. On Saturday night the 5 of us girls – Melissa, Sarah, Vera, Meagan and myself – all decided to go shopping. We were somewhere 6 miles away from our hotel. It was dark. It was a busy night. And none of us knew our way back. We used OnStar’s Navigation and got back in a breeze!

– Hands-Free Calling
Forget cell phones… you can get hands-free calling with OnStar! I love this because I get so nervous with talking on the phone while I’m driving, imagine the safety factor here.

– Vehicle Diagnostics
You can check all of this from your smartphone and get all of this information emailed to you each month! I love this. You’re able to stay on top of this without taking your car to the service station. Not to mention, when you do head to the service station, you have something to go off of because you already have all the information in front of you!

– Security and Emergency
It’s just nice knowing someone’s always there = 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

We do not have a car with OnStar in it… but I have to tell you, after this weekend, I really see the benefits in making sure our next car has it.  Especially now as a mother, I would just feel safer.  OnStar is the in-vehicle safety and security system created to help protect you and your family on the road, I saw that loud and clear.

This is me using it…

Disclosure: OnStar paid for my hotel for the weekend and hosted my stay.

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  1. 10.27.10
    Jillian said:

    I have OnStar in my GMC Terrain and I LOVE it! I have used the Navigation too many times, especially in while driving around Boston. The Hands Free Calling is great too and I have used that many times.

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