Rayovac Recharges me UP!

The other day my son William saw a rusty nail on the ground and picked it up. I told him to put it down immediately because, well… it was a rusty nail. Not something I necessarily want him holding onto, never mind saving. But it was what he said to me that made me smile and realize my husband and I (someway, somehow) are doing something right.

“Mom, you should never throw out things that you can use over again.”

Ahh, William. Very true. You got me.

My husband and I have been very vocal in trying to teach our children the importance of going green (because everyone can be a different shade of green) and how you can do easy things in your life to cut down on waste.

I mentioned last week that I have become one of Rayovac’s Mom Ambassador’s this year. It’s very fitting because in our home we go through batteries like a dog goes through bones. Between controllers for the boys’ games, flashlights (the boys love them), toys with all the bells and whistles, our digital camera, my digital video camera and my beloved TV remote (I must DVR all my Housewive shows), we’re constantly using batteries. CONSTANTLY.

One of the easiest things that we do in our home is use Rayovac rechargeable products. They continually help power our family. It’s the rechargeables that are our saving grace. They offer more power, less waste and cost less. For us, it’s a logical win-win-win. Since we use AA batteries the most (hello digital camera and digital video camera)… we can charge and reuse our AA rechargeables up to 500 times. Think about how much waste you’re reducing by using rechargeables.

We use Rayovac rechargeable batteries in our digital camera. I’m not usually the photographer in the house, my husband is. But you can take up to 300 photos per charge with the AA Rayovac Everyday Rechargeables and up to 400 photos per charge with the Rayovac Platinum Rechargeables. For people who like to fill albums upon albums of books, it’s pretty amazingly-cool.

I love finding ways to be greener in my life, especially low hanging fruit ways. Rayovac provides this for me.

More power.
Less waste.

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