What to Wear to a Winter Wedding… (Thanks, Lucy Liu!)

Tomorrow night I’m hosting a small screening party for Lifetime’s movie – “Marry Me” starring Lucy Liu. Considering I love weddings and anything that has to do with romance… I’m VERY excited. I haven’t been to a wedding in awhile now. I was trying to think back to the last one I went to… it was over a year ago! It was a winter wedding and it was VERY beautiful. I was married on a HOT day in June 2001, so hot that everyone at our wedding left soaking wet with sweat. Seriously, it was about 104 degrees that WHOLE day. I just love me a wedding! So if you’re anything like me, you’ll be tuning in Sunday and Monday night to see Marry Me with Lucy Liu on Lifetime at 9PM (EST)!

All this wedding talk got me thinking… what would one wear to a winter wedding? I found some different outfits that work PERFECTLY for a gorgeous winter wedding…

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  1. 12.8.10
    laura said:

    Love your fashion picks. Can you put the details of how much they are and where to buy?

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