The Importance of Reading to Your Child

Growing up the daughter of 2 teachers, education was very important in our home. I appreciated it then, and I appreciate it now.

My mother taught high school English for over 30 years and was (and still is) a Reading Specialist. It’s funny, as a child I don’t remember my mom very often without a book in her hands. She was always reading something… and she made sure her kids were the same way, too. What I used to love the most was when my mom would sit and read aloud with me. From the very beginning of my life, my mom made it a point to read to me and my sister. Books were everywhere in our house. They were accessible. There were baskets filled with them. There were piles stacked of them. My mom would take us to our local library twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday. We each were allowed to take out 2-3 books. To me, it was the best place on earth! I loved bringing my books home, curling up in bed and losing myself in a story.

My mom has taught hundreds and hundreds of teenagers. My mom has researched the benefits of reading and what the best books to read to your children are. It’s her passion. She loves it. She lives it. She breathes it. As a matter of fact, she has even begun 365 Days of Literacy for Kids on her personal blog.

When it came time to talk to an expert for my Lifetime Clean Start Challenge about the importance and benefits of reading to your children… and how it can increase literacy, I knew the perfect person to talk to was my mom. We had so much fun together while we did this interview! My mom really knows her stuff, and I was so impressed and proud of her!

Please also don’t forget to VOTE for AUDREY because if I get the most votes, I get to donate $10K for First Book! I am a HUGE lover of this charity because they donate first books to inner city children. What they do is simply amazing… !

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  1. 1.14.11
    Kim said:

    I voted for Audrey and I loved the video! Reading, especially for kids, is so very important and I much prefer a real book as opposed to a book downloaded on an iPad or something else. Something about the feel of holding a book while you read.

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