Clean Start Challenge: Looking Within…

Clean Start Challenge: Looking Within…

You know, it’s funny… I started this challenge with the mindset to talk to teachers and moms.  And I have.  I have spoken to dozens of moms and dozens of teachers about literacy in our schools and the importance of starting at home.

And believe me, literacy has to start at home.  It’s not only the reading, it’s the together time that makes an impact, too.

But there’s one thing I feel I overlooked throughout this 5 week journey, my SONS.  I cannot believe that I hadn’t sat my boys down and talked about the importance of reading and what it will do for them and what it will give them in their life.

When I was driving home last week with my oldest son, he asked me why reading was so important… it was like being asked a million dollar question… and I loved it.  I felt he got it, he wanted to know WHY.

Please check out this week’s video…

I wasn’t looking within… and it was a real eye-opener for me. William got it. He understood what I was talking about and he really wanted to ask more and more questions (which I loved!).

This Clean Start Challenge has truly changed me… and my family. I have just loved this adventure so far!

Please don’t forget to VOTE!! I’m trying to raise $10K for First Book!

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