Day 40: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

DAY 40?! We’re already on Day 40 of 2011?!  If you’ve been following along with my 365 Days of Literacy for Kids,  you will,  today, have shared 31 beautiful poems with your children… and introduced them to 16 AWESOME ADJECTIVES!  Keep up the good work!

Let’s keep this LITERACY PARTY going with 2 more ADJECTIVES.  Today’s 2 Adjectives most certainly describe and define your children… so let’s get to the business of sharing:

1.  inimitable – incomparable, matchless, cannot be imitated. What to love about this word? inimitable may be a mouthful to say, but that’s part of the fun of learning a matchless new word.  First, explain to your children that they are inimitable, each in their own ways.  “What?” they’ll say.  Yes, 5 syllables of what? Break inimitable into its 5 syllables and have your children repeat the word:  in-im-i-ta-ble… accent on the im.  Say it fast 5 times!  Ha!  Your children will want to know what inimitable means and why they are this thing.  Explain something about each child that cannot be imitated – voice, talent, style, eloquence, manners, character, sense of humor.  Think UNable to imitate, a special gift that sets them apart. Children love to feel special, and a word that makes them feel special is perfect.  inimitable.  Explain that other things can be inimitable, too:  a painting, a song, a garden.  Even silence can be inimitableinimitable is a word that may take some getting used to, but give it a try.  Kids are always up for a challenge.  Challenge them with discovering inimitable in their lives!  Example:  The inimitable style of the young figure skater captured the hearts of the judges.

2.  inquisitive – curious, eager to learn, questioning, searching. What to love about this word? The word inquisitive derives from the word inquire, which means to seek answers.  It is 4 syllables, packed with positivity!  Explain to your children that inquisitive is a good way to be described.  Ask your children if they are eager to learn, or inquisitive. Are they inquisitive about everything, or about some things?  What are some of those things that they’re curious about?  If they have inquisitive minds, where do they go for information and/or research?  Satisfy the inquisitive appetites of your children by helping them research things they are curious about.  Why not hit the internet or your local library for an INQUISITIVE APPETITE day/morning/afternoon/hour?  Don’t forget to serve snacks!  inquistiveExample:  The boy’s inquisitive appetite for cookie recipes led him to write a best-selling cook book!

inimitable.  inquisitive. Delicious words.  Words that kids will digest!  Use them in speaking, and encourage use in writing.  Remember that LITERACY is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken, Felt. Even when kids are too young to absorb and internalize words, the words are out there… hovering in recognition… waiting for a nibble!

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