Day 45: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids: Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

In our search for 56 Adjectives in 28 Days, (awesome Adjectives, by the way) today we’re coming up to numbers 27 and 28. Today, your children will have 28 incredibly descriptive words to walk around with, speak with, write with, have fun with.

Let’s take a couple of seconds to marvel at the adjectives we’ve already met.  These words are just like best friends. They’ll always be there when needed.  In fact, let’s have a little best friend word party and invite:

1.  agile
2.  azure
3.  bay
4.  blithe
5.  camel
6.  colossal
7.  drowsy
8.  defiant
9.  elfin
10. enormous
11. faulty
12. flawless
13. golden
14. grizzly
15. heather
16. heliotrope
17. inimitable
18. inquisitive
19. jocular
20. jubilant
21. keen
22. knightly
23. lackadaisical
24. leonine
25. malevolent
26. malodorous

Here are 2 more Adjective friends to invite into your lives:

1.  nimble – quick and light in movement or action;  quick and clever in understanding and responding. What to love about this word? nimble can be used to describe both physical and mental quickness… think agile, active, swift, clever, smart, alert, wise, quick-witted.  Examples:  a) The girl’s nimble fingers plucked magical songs from the strings of her guitar.  b) Never had the teacher seen so nimble a mind.  c)  Of course, the word nimble is closely associated with Jack and his candle stick! nimble can be use to describe persons, animals or things.  Examples:  a) The nimble lizard escaped in the wink of an eye. b)  The nimble winds blew gentle rain into the dry forest.  c)   The boy hopped onto his nimble horse and corralled the runaway cattle.   d)  The hour is nimble in its approach. nimble is a tight little gem of a word.  Let the faculties of your children’s minds grow more vigorous and nimble with the discovery of wonderful adjectives such as nimble!

2.  nonchalant – carefree, unconcerned, indifferent;  lacking enthusiasm or warmth. What to love about this word? nonchalant is not exactly the opposite of nimble, but nonchalant gives us a good mental picture of, for example, a boy much like Jack of the candle-stick-jumping fame… but this nonchalant boy wanders over to the candle-stick, watches the flame flicker for a second or two, then walks around it and plops on the nearest couch.  Explain to your children that the word nonchalant derives from the prefix non = not + chaloir = to be warm, all adding up to not warm. Discuss nonchalant as a behavior.  Discuss the characteristics of nonchalant behavior.  Ask your children if they prefer to be described as nimble… or nonchalant.  Some interesting conversations may evolve!

nimble.  nonchalant. Opposing images often make words easier for children to understand.  Use these words.  Encourage your children to use these descriptive words in their speaking and writing.  Introduce these words to their other 26 adjective friends.  Have an Adjective Party today!  Remember that LITERACY is all about Words – Written, Spoken, Felt. The more words, the more learning and the more fun!

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