Day 55: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

Grab your nearest dictionary open to X.  What do you see?  Not many pages, I’m guessing.

For a little excitement, try discovering adjectives that begin with the letter X. It’s extremely interesting and a bit exhausting!

We don’t want to exclude X from our list of 56 extraordinary adjectives, so here are 2 Adjectives that begin with X:

1.  xenophobic – of unusual/abnormal fear or dislike of strangers or foreigners. What to love about this word? xenophobic derives from Greek zeno (guest, stranger, foreigner) + phobia (fear of).  xenophobic is an interesting word to know and to know how to spell… but certainly an unusual or uncomfortable way to bexenophobic is also an interesting conversation starter with your children, but it should be approached gently. The word xenophobic may encourage study or research of cultures other than your own; or, if your children are older, a study of the history of war.  xenophobic may not be a word your children will use often, but it carries a whole lot of meaning when describing someone or a whole culture of someones.  xenophobic is an excellent word to know.

2.  xiphioid  – resembling the genus xiphias;  belonging to or having the characteristics of the family xiphide. What to love about this word? Everything.  First, xiphioid (zi-fi-oid) sounds awesome.  Second, xiphioid begins with the excruciatingly uncommon X.  Third, xiphioid refers to the genus of fishes characterized by having the upper jaw prolonged into a sword-like weapon… like the swordfish.  It’s just kind of exciting to know this word!  Gotta love xiphioid.  Will your children need xiphioid or ever use xiphioid?  Maybe not.  But may-be!  Try using xiphioid in a sentence.  Example: Pinocchio is most known for his xiphioid nose. Wouldn’t it be interesting if xiphioid became the one adjective of the 56 to remember?!

xenophobic.  xiphioid. Extremely awesome words.  Expressive words.   X marks the spot in the cases of both xenophobic and xiphioid. Remember that LITERACY is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken, Felt. Feel these 2 Adjectives!

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