3 Super Bowl Fashions

Are you ready for some football today?

The last FOOTBALL game of the 2010-2011 season… and it just so happens to be called a little something like the “Super Bowl!”

I’m not the biggest football fanatic fan known to man… but I’m married to one.  I’m married to a die-hard Steelers fan.  The kind of man who has zero problem sporting Steelers gear year-round in New England, or dressing his sons the same way.

So… today – as we’re counting down till 6:30PM (EST)… let’s talk Super Bowl Fashion!

It’s the Steelers vs. the Packers.

Black and Gold vs. Green and Yellow.

I love that both teams have a shade of yellow in them… so I thought I’d have a little fun creating some outfits based on the common color of both teams!

Look #1:  Gold/Yellow Scarf… both ways to Steeler/Packer it!

Steelers FAN
Packers FAN

Look #2:  Gold/Yellow Top… both ways to Steeler/Packer it!

Steelers FAN
Packers FAN


Steelers FAN
Packers FAN

So let’s play some FOOTBALL… and if you’re into accessories… make sure you have one of these!


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