Things I Love this Week…

My fellow Ecco Domani Style Squad member Gala Darling… who I adore!… has one of the most fashionable blogs I know! She’s been named as one of the 10 most influential style bloggers in the world (Fashionista)… and if you know her or follow her, you know why!

She does a feature called… This Week I Love… and it’s always so wonderful to read! So… I thought I’d give it a go!

Things I Love this Week

Seeing my BOYS after being gone for 8 days!

– American Idol… I’m totally a new addict.

– Walking around FAO looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for the boys… settled on Brown Bears.

– Having William call and tell me, “Guess what mom? Another tooth fell out!”

– Meeting up with some of the best PR ladies in the world – Amy, Jess, Aly, Stacy, Kristen, Gillian, Laurie, Kristin

– Having the time to shave my legs. Thank you GOD.

– Seeing my lovely Vera 2 times last week!

– Sleeping late 8 mornings in a row.

– Being 5 feet from Anna Wintour.

– Getting my new MomAgenda organizer

– Loving the look of being spray-tanned.

– Hearing the news about my friend Arianne expecting!

– Having Matt keep this house clean as can be. He’s a good man.

– Getting a new mattress!

– Giving my sister a BIG HUG!

– Knowing the feeling of having a few close girlfriends who love you just as much as you love them… !

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