APRIL SHOWERS bring WORD POWERS: Days of Literacy for Kids!

Let’s swim right into our WORD of the DAYolm

(Hint: swim)

April Showers bring work powers

Not enough of a hint?  Here’s another: The olm is sometimes called the “white salamander”… or the “human fish” because its skin resembles that of a white human being.

Ah.  Now we know that the olm is an amphibian.

The olm is eel-like, or snake-like, and can grow up to 16 inches long.  It lives in waters that flow underground, primarily in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.  Its eyes are almost completely undeveloped, but its senses of smell, hearing and taste are highly developed.  The olm is Europe’s only cave adapted vertebrate, and it has adapted to a life complete darkness as it burrows, eats, sleeps and breeds underwater.  The olm can survive without food for as long as 10 years, and can live up to 100 years.  Due to habitat disturbance and pollution, the olm is a threatened species.

Should you or your kids bump into an olm, don’t worryit feeds on things like crabs, snails and insects.

Hmmmmmm.  I wonder, if deep underground, the olm has ever heard the fritinancy of the insects it may want for its jentaculum?

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