APRIL SHOWERS bring WORD POWERS: Days of Literacy for Kids!

You may very well know of Wuthering Heights, the novel by Emily Bronte.

But do you know the meaning of wuthering?

April Showers bring work powers

wuthering is a wonderful word to share and to use with your kids in everyday conversation.  Why?  Because to wuther is a verb meaning to blow with a dull roaring sound.

wuther is derived from wither, meaning a rush, blast or gush of wind; a rushing sound.

The wind is a wonderful topic.  Try working wuthering into your winds… perhaps something like:  The wind is wuthering wearily today.

WORDS and the knowledge of WORDS build great confidence in kids.  Join us here each day on 365 Days of Literacy for Kids for more words, poem, tidbits, fun!



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