Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher

Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher

OK… I’ll come clean. My hair isn’t naturally blonde.

Shocking, I know!

But I’m not.

As a working mom, there are times I just don’t have the time to get everything on my to-do list done. I was recently just talking to one of my best friend’s from home who has been slacking on the hair color regimen. If I go more than 4-6 weeks without a coloring job, I look like Carrie Bradshaw season 4… I have like a 4 inch root. I wish I was joking! My friend was telling me that her color (she does it herself) completely begins to fade after 2-3 weeks. She’s got darker hair, so when it starts to fade, she feels her hair doesn’t shine enough or look (as she says) “healthy.”

I recently was introduced to Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher… it’s a color treatment formulated to refresh hair color that has faded in in the two weeks following the initial hair coloring transformation.

So I did what any friend would do, I passed on the news.

Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher… named that because after 2 weeks is when most color fading occurs… is a refresher that you apply 14 days after coloring your hair. It’s easy to use. You can do it in the shower. You put professional colorist gloves on (which are provided) and just work the contents through your hair, working it well into the roots. Easy. Peasy. You let it sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse. Viola!

If you color your hair yourself, you’ll love this Week 2 Color Refresher. It’s affordable ($8.99). And it’s super easy to use.

This is a great interview with Clairol celebrity colorist Marie Robinson…

Color Refresher Q&A

Q. Is the Color Refresher the same as the hair color formula?
A. No, it’s a separate packet included in every box of Natural Instincts. And it’s specially formulated to revitalize your hair color shade two weeks after you color.

Q. When do you use the Color Refresher?
A. For optimal results, the Color Refresher should be used about two weeks (or 15 days) after your initial coloring.

Q. Why should you use the Color Refresher?
A. The Color Refresher is an easy way to bring back the shine and revitalize your hair color after it has started to fade.

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