Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… !!

Truly… from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU – to all the amazing bloggers who came to Getting Gorgeous with Degree yesterday and enjoyed and celebrated the day with us! We were humbled by the support, the friendship and the love.

Vera and I knew after our August event that we absolutely-positively-definitely wanted to do more and more Getting Gorgeous Events. We wanted to create a fabulous, relaxing, fun “party” setting, all while bringing together our blogging community. We wanted to create a space where bloggers could connect with brands/companies and where brands/companies could connect with bloggers… a win/win for everyone. Watching the connections and the networking and the togetherness yesterday blew me away! It was unbelievable to see… all while Getting Gorgeous.

We had 2 goals yesterday.

1) Make sure all the bloggers were having a good time (certainly seemed like it).
2) Make sure all the brands/companies were having a good time (certainly seemed like it, too!).

That was it. That was the mission of our day.

There was a great flow to the afternoon. We tiered the bloggers so that there wouldn’t be tons at once, and it really created a wonderful atmosphere for the day. It was great seeing bloggers catch up with each other… and beyond that, stay and not want to leave! Plus, it was great giving some of my favorite bloggers some BIG HUGS!! That was cool. I loved looking around and seeing brands/companies actually getting to have one-on-one conversations with bloggers. This is exactly what we wanted to bring to everyone.

BUT! We could not have pulled yesterday off without our blogging friends. Our community is very tight knit and very close, but yesterday – it took on a completely different meaning for me. This event means so much to Vera and I because we’re (first and foremost) bloggers. We aren’t event planning specialists. We aren’t marketing/PR gurus. We’re bloggers. Inviting everyone, it’s inviting friends and family… we didn’t want to disappoint. We wanted to make the day the best it could be for everyone. And just to see the amount of people come in for it… from Canada, Boston, Washington DC, North Carolina, Philly, Providence… it was beyond cool. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to say! And not only that – a HUGE thank you to everyone for following along on Twitter yesterday #gettinggorgeous !!

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  1. 4.4.11

    I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful day! You and Vera are rockstars! Well done ladies and I look forward to seeing you at one of your other events soon!

  2. 4.4.11

    Such a fun day. Thanks so much, Audrey. See you in 2 weeks!

  3. 4.4.11
    jodifur said:

    Thank you so much for having me. Such a great day.

  4. 4.4.11

    Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! I was in awe of both the companies and bloggers you assembled. A really great day. Audrey and Vera for president!!!!!

  5. 4.4.11

    Sounds like everyone had an amazing time. So glad Lauren could cover this for Momtrends while I was on spring break. Here’s our post:

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