Tide’s “Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe” Challenge with Tim Gunn

Tide’s “Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe” Challenge with Tim Gunn

So come on ladies! Tide knows the importance of every woman’s unique personal style and wants to help you achieve your style resolutions during this hectic spring cleaning season.

Tell me… what are your Spring Fashion resolutions? Are you organizing your tees and tanks? Are you get rid of the clothes you never wear? Are you bringing new stuff in? Are you finally tossing the socks with the holes?

Let me know!

By sharing with me your Spring Fashion Cleaning Resolutions you could win a trip to NYC for a wardrobe makeover by Tim Gunn. Amazing, right?? How cool would that be?? If Tide and Tim Gunn pick me, then one of you will be selected to join me for a wardrobe makeover with Tim in New York City! SO ADD YOUR RESOLUTIONS!!!!!

Share away! Be as creative and as inventive as you would like! VIDEOS ARE WELCOME!!!!

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  1. 4.4.11
    erica v said:

    Audrey, So funny you asked this question. I decided yesterday that I’m going to do two things this spring. 1. Finally get rid of all those old sweaters and shirts that somehow shrunk, or became to short too wear after pregnancy. For some reason, alot of moms, even though they lost all the way, has expressed the same thing . 2. update my “mom” wardrobe. I work three days a week and have a great business wardrobe, and have stuff to go out in, but am SO sick of my standard yoga pants and fleece top, or Jeans and a plain sweater. So I’m going to spring clean and hopefully restock a bit. Thanks for being such an inspiring mom. Looking forward to more tips.

  2. 4.4.11

    The spring cleaning bug has hit me big time… trying to pair my wardrobe down to 40 items this week… I’ll let you know if I make it!

  3. 4.5.11
    kirsten said:

    Well as an aside, since i make jewelry i am trying to remember to wear at least one of my own pieces whenever i go out (its kind of embarrassing when you tell people you make jewelry and you have none of your own on!)

    with clothing:
    i found out that i get a lot of compliments with certain colors (and shades) so i am trying to build up the amounts of those colors in my wardrobe.

    I am going through my entire closet so i know what i have.

    I am double checking WHY some things don’t get worn. if its because it just wasn’t placed conveniently it can stay, but if it doesn’t go with anything, or doesn’t fit, or doesn’t look spectacular it goes out.

    I am stalking the sales at some stores that carry things i love.. i don’t mind buying off season if i REALLY will wear it when it comes back.

    sort of jewelry, sort of clothes:
    i resolved to actually keep track of the Pantone season colors and know which ones look good on me (and my customers for jewelry). Sadly i have a few mistakes in my closet from when i just bought the “in” color and it didnt work on me.

  4. 4.5.11
    Wendi said:

    I have been going through the fashion resolution process slowly but surly! I have already gone through weeding out all the things I don’t wear, that don’t fit and that I don’t like!!! So, I’m pretty much left with my wardrobe staple….the tank top! I’ve allowed my husband to take over our closet because I don’t have anything in it….so I’m taking it back! My resolution is to build my wardrobe. Every day mom wear first and foremost. But I’d like to just focus on finding things I like, no matter what fashion category. It’s time to find my style!
    Thanks for all your tips!

  5. 4.5.11
    girlymama said:

    this week, i’m planning to clean out my closet and get rid of things that don’t fit or i don’t wear. there is so much stuff in there that i never wear!!! its a little embarrassing! i always sort into piles to donate, sell on ebay and throw away, then i sort my stuff and make it easy to find. I just bought some great hooks for my scarves so they won’t be crumpled up in a corner anymore!

    my fashion resolution is to stop buying so much – and to really focus on buying just a few nice things i love! i have a few investment pieces i have my eye on for the year 😉

  6. 4.5.11
    Suz said:

    How exciting! Pick me, pick me!!! 🙂

    This is a topic near and dear to me seeing how I share a closet with my husband (shed a tear!). I try and SHED twice a year (as suggested by House Beautiful article) which works brilliantly.

    SHED is: Separate the treasures, Heave the trash, Embrace your identity and connect to who you are without your stuff, and Drive forward.

    I wrote about other closet declutter suggestions @ http://www.welltodoyou.com/2010/09/shed-happens.html


  7. 4.6.11
    Isabelle said:

    I LOVE Tim Gunn!! My husband & I both go through our closet about twice a year. He’s beat me this season, so I already have a laundry basket full of cast-offs just waiting for me to add more items. My resolutions are 1)to be ruthless — if I haven’t worn it, it goes 2) to make the tailor my friend — I have several things that just need to be hemmed or taken in, and 3) to try a few new looks this spring — love the crocheted dress!

  8. 4.6.11
    Jamie said:

    I just went through all of my clothes and aligned all of the hangers so they face the same way. For the next 6 months, I will put clothes back in my closet with the hanger hanging the other direction so I can easily see what I actually AM and AM NOT wearing. At the end of 6 months, I will be donating/throwing all of the items on hangers that have not been worn. Wish me luck! 🙂

  9. 4.6.11
    Mary Price said:

    I live in an old house with small closets so I am limited in the trends with which I can experiment and add to my wardrobe. When doing spring cleaning, I keep on hand mostly classics: white tees, khakis, etc. I spruce up the same outfit with jewelry which is an easy way to change a look without packing pounds to my closet.

    My birthday is in May (hint, hint) 🙂

    Thank you!

  10. 4.6.11
    Mary Price said:

    So embarassed-gave wrong email. It is [email protected]. Sorry and thanks!

  11. 4.6.11
    Mary Price said:

    I live in an old house so I don’t have the room to not do spring cleaning! This time of year I make sure just the classics are in my closet: white, navy, khaki etc. I spruce up my outfits with jewelry to change the same looks. The great thing about jewelry is that it doesn’t take up any closet space!

    my birthday is in May (hint, hint) 🙂

    Thank you!

  12. 4.6.11

    Audrey!!! Great job with the one in/one out rule and basket to catch them. Especially for a fashionista like you, this is one of the best ways to keep things uncluttered and manage the space you have. My spring fashion resolution is to make my every day wear as finished as what I wear to events. You know me well and I LOVE Talbots official for any industry or work event. But its that every day rut of t-shirts, jeans, shorts, all in solids, my Mom at the ball park, Mom in car pool look that is SO in need of an overhaul. Loved meeting Tim Gunn with you in 2010 and would be in heaven to actually have him share his fashion tips to cover every aspect of my life. Thanks for bringing such a great project to us all ~ Tide never fails to wow!

  13. 4.6.11
    Ann said:

    I’m so in need of a closet cleanout. My two resolutions are to get rid of anything from BK – Before Kids. Mine are older than yours and I just need to break up with those oldies. And the other thing that I love to do in my walk-in closet is to arrange it by type and then by color – then it looks all neat and organized like Nordstrom racks. Plus it makes it easy to weed out colors that are less than flattering.

    I love Tim Gunn and he would have a heydey fixing me up – lots of work to do. Thanks for the spring cleaning kick in the pants, Audrey.

  14. 4.6.11
    Julie said:

    We bought an old house here in RI and it only had one closet that’s so tiny we don’t even use it! You can’t even fit a clothes hanger in it, it’s not deep enough! Sooooooo, my husband built a nice good sized closet. It’s the only place we have for storage so it’s filled with bins of my kids clothes and hanging up is all my husband’s clothes! How awful is that?!!! My Spring cleaning resolution is to make room for some new clothes for momma! (me, lol) I always put my kids first and buy them nice, stylish clothes but can’t afford a new wardrobe for myself. 10 years ago, before kids, I was so stylish and didn’t leave the house unless I looked good. Now,2 kids later, I’m a stay at home mom, and always look so frumpy! I’m always wearing jeans or sweats and big shirts. It’s quite depressing! I’m not even sure how to shop for things that look good and stylish anymore. I feel like I always buy the same things, and they are always the same boring colors too! (blue, black, or brown!) So my resolution for spring is to make room in the closet for me, and I would like to add some colors to brighten me up and make me feel better about myself again. I could use the self esteem boost and also surprise my husband by returning to the hot and stylish girl he once had!

  15. 4.6.11
    Renee K said:

    The bags are filling up as I completely overhaul my closet. It is time to get rid of shirts that I do not wear and sweaters (no matter how cute they are) that have been over worn and are now out of shape. This spring I have resolved to use the “hanger trick”: Hang your clothes with the hanger facing you and turn the hanger around once you have worn the item. At the end of a few months, I will know what I am ABSOLUTELY not wearing!

  16. 4.6.11
    Cherie Hummeon said:

    This is so much fun!
    I have 2 of them:
    – Getting rid of everything I haven’t worn in the last year
    – Making myself were more color. I wear too much black, gray and navy blue
    Thanks for this Audrey. Love the whole get rid of one item when a new thing comes in, that will be tough for me!

  17. 4.6.11
    Tracy Bolton said:

    Just saw this link on Twitter. Great video. I would say my fashion resolution is to not spend any money this spring on clothes. I know it seems weird, but I’m trying to cut back and work with what I’ve got.

  18. 4.7.11
    Danielle K said:

    Your post on FB caught my eye- reminding me that my closet and what’s inside it could use a alot more love. Since I recently had a baby and stopped working, my wardrobe has suffered a serious hit. Time to:
    A. Purge the outdated, ill-fitting, and things I bought just to have something to wear to work.
    B. Find pieces that are flattering, reflect my personality, and are functional. (With mommyhood and breastfeeding)
    C. Maximize the flexibility of my wardrobe with colorful and fun accessories. I always spend money on neutral workhorses and ignore the bit of sparkle that makes the outfit interesting.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  19. 4.7.11
    Amy said:

    Hi Audrey! LOVE to check your posts every day. I just cleaned out everyone’s closet. Yay!
    My rule of thumb is: Gotta love it. No maybes.
    I even have my two teenage sons following this rule. It really helps us weed things out.
    I think Tim Gunn would be proud 🙂

  20. 4.7.11
    Michelle said:

    My spring resolution this year is that when I “Spring cleaned” the closets I went through mine and decluttered it from top to bottom and my goal this year was to leave open space to allow new things to come into my life. I have reached the age of 40 and feel that I need to change my style a little but not really sure how to do that so my goal is to learn and then make room for the new things that are going to fit who I am today not who I was in the past. I need to accept me and love me for me and I want my style to reflect that and the first place that I started was with my closet!

    Thank you for the opportunity and best of luck to all who enter!

  21. 4.7.11
    @fabricdragon said:

    @AudreyMcClellan fashion resolutions to go through my WHOLE clothes collection and sort them properly, also adding more color.

  22. 4.7.11
    @realmomsluv2eat said:

    @AudreyMcClellan my style resolution is to go thru my stockings, sox and scarves and weed ’em out!

  23. 4.7.11
    Maureen Umehara said:

    My spring resolution- to not only have the box by or in the closet for clothes that don’t fit (one in each of our closets) but also to donate clothes monthly! I would LOVE to get a clothes make-over with Tim Gunn. Love him in Project Runway!
    Also to get rid of the clothes that I keep “meaning to wear” but never do.

  24. 4.7.11
    @meghandy1 said:

    @audreymcclellan buy nude shoes! stat. my faves broke last year. and avoid this 90210 the college yrs floral dress trend- hate it!

  25. 4.7.11
    @christinecomey said:

    @AudreyMcClellan definitely to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear!!

  26. 4.7.11
    @elissapr said:

    I resolve to wear COLOUR!! RT @AudreyMcClellan: What are your Spring Fashion Resolutions? http://bit.ly/fvWVpL

  27. 4.8.11
    Tereza said:

    I got rid of every single piece of black clothing in my wardrobe!!! I’m talking, GONZO.

    I had too many funerals and then realized I look terrible in black anyway. (I am a fall-type redhead).

    Like the seas parting, everything in my wardrobe automatically started to go together. It was amazing.

    Remove black and it’s unbelievable how new combinations appear that you never imagined. 🙂

  28. 4.10.11
    Jessica said:

    I just did my Spring Closet Clean-Out and was left with…. Nothing. This Spring I hope to replenish with versatile pieces, a pair of wedges I can walk in comfortably and some color!

  29. 4.10.11
    @aerling said:

    @AudreyMcClellan wear more color!

  30. 4.10.11
    @HeathALL said:

    My spring fashion resolution is to build a stylish, comfortable wardrobe that works w my life as mom of 3 & entrepreneur. @AudreyMcClellan

  31. 4.10.11
    @BrittHackmann said:

    Send designer dresses to GRETCHY 2 get cash RT @audreymcclellan: Share with me your Spring Fashion Resolutions! http://tinyurl.com/3cqjgac

  32. 4.10.11
    Lisa said:

    I’ve been playing the up and down game with 15 pounds over this last year, and my closet reflects that. It’s hard to know what to get rid of and keep, but my spring cleaning resolution is definitely to get rid of the thing that no longer ‘fit’ my style and keep only the things I LOVE.
    I also have a huge scarf fetish and having all my scarves in a drawer is so…boring. I’d like to come up with a creative way to store/display them. Got any ideas??
    I’m also weeding out my jewelry, and taking some of it apart to add to my jewelry making supplies for ‘someday’ when I can sit down and make jewelry again.

  33. 4.11.11
    FireMom said:

    I really want to try some more color. I’m always SO scared of color. I branched out to navy and gray this year. Does that count?!

  34. 4.11.11
  35. 4.11.11
    Connie Ciampanelli said:

    Give away all the clothes that don’t fit anymore since I lost weight. Get alterations on everything that fits at the waist but are too big in the hips/seat. I’m tired of looking blowsy.

  36. 4.11.11
    Nicole said:

    This challenge is great! I took your advice with the one in, one out. I’ve never done that before, but it makes so much sense. I think it will also help me to curb my shopping more, too. I do have to say, one of my biggest Spring Fashion Resolutions in getting rid of clothes is to try and make some money back. When I saw you mention eBay, it was a light bulb moment for me. I went to eBay and created an account and popped up 2 items this weekend. Thank you for suggesting that. I’ll let you know how I do!

  37. 4.11.11
    Katie said:

    My spring cleaning resolution is to get rid of any garment that doesn’t match my personal style! If it’s not my style, I tend to avoid it- so why have it taking up valuable real estate in my closet?

  38. 4.13.11
    Heather said:

    My spring resolution is to add some short-sleeved and sleeveless work items (such as short-sleeved cardigans). My husband always laughs at me wearing long sleeves year round. Oh yeah, and to lose weight so that more items in my closet actually fit…

  39. 4.13.11
    Amy said:

    Recently, I’ve been making a serious effort to buy more dresses. Nothing makes me feel as confident or feminine and I need more in my life. Also, as I’ve been bringing new items in, I also have been making an effort to do one in – one out.
    The majority of my clothes are in one medium sized closet that I share with my husband. I can’t let my clothes take over the whole closet so the one in – one out rule is definitely a good one for me.

  40. 4.14.11
    Nicole C said:

    Oh, Audrey. I so needed to see this post! Thank you for forwarding to me.
    I have 3 things that I’m doing.
    1. Getting rid of all the clothes that do not flatter me at all. I still have so much in my closet that I should have gotten rid of years ago.
    2. I’m adding more jewelry into my wardrobe – necklaces and earrings.
    3. I’m trying heels this spring for sure!

  41. 4.14.11
    Molly said:

    After just having a baby in December, I’m in need of a new wardrobe! My body has completely changed. I didn’t think it was possible, but it did. I want to find clothes that fit me and are comfortable, but still trendy this spring. I like the florals in the video. I also want to bring in more stylish work clothes, I need help on that front. But my resolution is to find clothes that fit me post-baby!

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