Getting Gorgeous: It’s a Family Thing…

Vera and I are hosting a Getting Gorgeous Swag Suite at the Reviewer’s Retreat this week and we cannot wait! We absolutely love and adore the ladies behind the Retreat and we were honored they asked us to be there with them!

Many people have asked us how much work goes into planning a Getting Gorgeous Event…

Oh, there’s a lot!

But… as business partners do, Vera and I divide the workload for a Getting Gorgeous Event as much as we possibly can… there’s a TON to be done, and it’s easier if we divide and conquer. Since our last 2 events were based in NYC, we had 99.9% of the boxes and anything else delivered to Vera’s house (she’s about 20 minutes from NYC). We knew it would be easier to have them as close to the event as possible… and her and her family stuffed over 300 gift bags for both events, and (literally) boxed in their basement with all of our “stuff.”

Well, this time around, I wanted to step up to the plate and give Vera a little but of a break. With the Getting Gorgeous Swag Suite at the Reviewer’s Retreat, we decided to give the bloggers a fabulous suite of product that incorporated in our Getting Gorgeous theme… so that meant everything had to be delivered somewhere, and yes… I drew the small straw out of love for Vera. 😉

But… the beauty is, it’s become a family thing on both sides. I remember calling Vera one night a couple of months ago and her telling me that her and Natalie (her 5 year old daughter) were stuffing gift bags. I laughed thinking… poor Natalie, and Vera told me, “No, she loves it!”

So this time around, I made sure prepping for Getting Gorgeous was a family thing, too. I thought the boys were going to run the OTHER WAY when I asked for help opening boxes, unpacking them and then folding them down… instead they EMBRACED it! They wanted to help (and it was important for me because they have ZERO idea what I really do, they just know I “blog” and am online a lot).

Yesterday… this was our kitchen and family time…

I have to admit, Vera and I are beyond lucky with our husband’s who help out at every single event and never (ever) bat an eye… we love you Matt and Bill!!

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  1. 5.18.11

    oh what a sweet post. I adore your boys and they are the best helpers! And speaking from experience, you are always a v. good friend and more then willing to step up to the plate to do more – even if it means a tornado of boxes taking over your home. xoxo

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