May Flowers: The Phlox on Day 137 of 365 Days of Literacy for Kids!

Potted Phlox in Sharon's Rock Garden. Photo by Sharon.

The PHLOX… Greek for flame, the Phlox, with its flaming clusters of flowers, give great character and color to gardens.

Phlox colors are vivid violets, blues, pinks, yellows and whites.  Some Phlox grow upright, but many are used as lush ground cover or ornamental blooms in rock gardens.  The Phlox is a food source for animals such as rabbits and deer.

Butterflies are attracted to Phlox, making it a delightful flower for children to plant, care for and watch for its butterfly guests to arrive.

The lace-like loveliness of the Phlox has led it to symbolize Sweet Dreams… and as a Proposal of Marriage.  So, if you know anyone who is thinking of a romantic setting for a Proposal, bring on the Phlox!

Phlox, with its flame-colored delicacy, is a perfect flower to introduce to your kids.  It is both hearty and sweet, like kids!  Tell of the Phlox secrets of Sweet Dreams and Marriage Proposals as you watch butterflies flutter and alight.

And maybe, just maybe, a rabbit or deer family may come to nibble, too!






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