Mom’s The Word On Dinner: Dinner Time and Technology

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but yes… I yes, I have been known to use technology at dinnertime.

Ragu has a fabulous campaign on Facebook right now that I’m participating in with Momversation called Mom’s The Word On Dinner. It’s us moms talking the real, the raw, the messy and sometimes the ugly about our dinnertime.

I really have used that line before. I also tell them our whole dining room is bugged with video cameras directly to the North Pole. Brutal, I know… but, when you have picky eaters that literally just push food around on their plates and love to say that they only like 4 things – 1) PBJ 2) Grilled Cheese 3) Pasta and sauce (but they have to be shaped like shells) 4) Cheese Pizza – you do what you have to do.

I just remember (circa 2003) before I had children once telling my “then” fiance, I will NEVER, EVER do silly things to make my kids eat. I just distinctly remember going to my girlfriend’s apartment for dinner, she had a 3 year old daughter at the time. When we sat down to eat, she placed her daughter (in her highchair!) in front of the TV and she was watching something called “Little Einstein’s” at the time. I couldn’t BELIEVE it. My friend was letting her daughter eat in the living room… by herself… in her highchair… watching TV? Really? This is what being a parent is all about?

Um. Yeah…

And then I became a mom… 4 times in a row. And I got it.

I loved watching this Mom’s The Word Episode on Ragu’s Facebook page about Dinner Time and Technology with Daphne, Mindy and Caroline.

With 4 sons that are 6, 5, 4 and 2… I absolutely sometimes depend on technology during dinnertime. There have been times I put them in front of them TV to eat and have a special “picnic” for them. There have been times I’ve programmed YouTube on my iPhone and let Henry watch videos during dinner. If we’re out to dinner, I let them bring their Nintendo DS games and LeapSter’s.

But I will say this… because this has been (in the past) a bone of contention in my house. The technology for me is shut down during dinner. There’s no blogging. There’s no blog checking. There’s no Twitter. There’s no Facebook. There’s nothing. iPhone is away. Laptop is closed.

Tell us over on Ragu’s Facebook page, what is dinner time and technology like at your house!!??

Oh, yes… we’re real moms and this is real conversation!

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