Softsoap’s “Pump the Pump”

What’s the phrase most often heard in our house?  “Wash your hands!”

I’m the mother of four boys and I have to constantly remind them (like pretty much every other second), whether they’re coming home from school, playing outside, getting ready to eat or finished in the bathroom.  I have one son who is constantly washing his hands, one who does it sometimes, one who constantly needs to be sent back to the sink and one that’s too small to reach the sink.  It’s a constant battle.

The Softsoap initiative is helping me help my sons to remember the importance of washing their hands.  They have created a video that educates children about the importance of hand washing while making the experience fun and easy.  It features “The Dirties”, a rock-band of germs singing “pump the pump” which teaches kids occasions when it is necessary to wash their hands.  Halfway through the video, “The Dirties” transform into “The Cleanies” through the power of soap.  It’s a fun video which my sons absolutely LOVED.

Thanks to the Softsoap initiative, the new slogan around our house is “pump the pump”. It’s even helped my not-so-great-hand washer pay more attention to washing his hands. That’s priceless for me. No longer does he quickly run one hand under the faucet, he actually “pumps the pump” and does a proper job!

Thank goodness!

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