Top Banana Republic Picks for the Summer

Banana Republic has always been one of my favorite places to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories. I don’t know if you remember these “Banana” tees, but when I was in 3rd grade, the hottest tee a girl in my class could have was a Banana Republic logo tee with an animal on the back. Do you remember those? That’s when you could only get Banana Republic items via catalog! How times have changed…

Banana Republic’s products have incredible quality, you know when you buy something, you’re going to have it for a long, long time. After I graduated from college, and I knew job interviews were coming up… I bought a navy blue skirt suit at Banana Republic and (seriously) I still wear the navy blue pencil skirt today (and that was 11 years ago!).

The point of this mom fashion post today is… I’ve had some emails lately from women asking me what my top picks would be right now at certain stores. Banana Republic was one of the stores asked about, and since I’m a lover of it, I thought I’d have some fun and pick 10 of my favorite things (I actually just purchased that camo silk tank!).

I chose these 10 summer essentials from Banana Republic – especially the tops – because they can easily be dresses with different items. You would wear with jeans, khakis, skirts, shorts and capris. The handbags – they could go with everything this summer, just remember color is KEY right now!

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  1. 5.17.11

    I just bought two of those tops yesterday and was going to post about them – spooky

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