When someone says you’re “too old”…


I guess I’d be considered kinda “old” by a 5-year old little guy.  After all, I’m 58… a whole 53 years older than he is.

58 years is alotta life and alotta years and alotta wear ‘n tear.

But those years don’t mean anything in the face of a good challenge!

All this talk about being “too old” began this past Saturday morning.  Barry and I had watched our 5-year old grandson Alex play t-ball.  He was his usual enthusiastic self… hitting the ball, running the bases, running in to catch balls.  You know… baseball stuff.

When his game was over, he was excited to show Pop-up and me how he can do hand-stands and head-stands.  Ah, the energy of a 5-year old!

We clapped with delight as he DID do quite awesome self-taught hand-stands and head-stands.

Then I casually mentioned that I used to do pretty good head-stands.  And Pop-up mentioned the same. Barry and I actually looked at each other, eyes kinda twinkling, and I said aloud, “I’ll bet we can still do head-stands.”

This is when Alex brought us back to life, back to reality.  He smiled his giant smile and chuckled a bit before the words came out… “You guys are too old.”

“What?” I laughed.  “You think we’re too old do head-stands?”

Alex answered with a resounding, “YES!”

Challenge ON.

Barry laughed, too.  By now Alex was giggling with joy.  Then Barry added, “I can still do a head-stand.”

Alex asked, “How old are you, Pop-up?”

“Almost 63,” Barry answered.

“Yup.  Too old,” Alex said, almost unable to contain his laughter.

(Moment of truth… I haven’t done a head-stand in maybe 30 years.  And I was a little leery of Barry actually attempting one.  Just sayin’.)

But anyway… Challenge ON.

We walked away from the ball field and kids and parents and snack bar… away from anyone who might actually witness these “old” people attempting this thing.  My heart began to flutter with thoughts of what if I am too old?

Too late.  The gauntlet had been thrown down.

So, in front of Alex and his 3 brothers and their Mom, our own daughter Audrey…

Please let these "old" bones remember how to do this!
Come on, Sharon. Balance. Balance.
Almost there. Breathe.
UP! Now hold it. Hold it. Uh,oh. Someone is walking by with a dog... staring. Hold it!

Challenge ACCEPTED, beautiful little Alex!  Now it’s Pop-up’s turn…

Pretty good start.
Whoa! I had nothing to be leery about with this "old" man!

And ya know what?

The boys were more entertained with Pop-up’s crinigerous belly than any head-stand either of us “old” folks could do.  (Yes, all the grandchildren love the word crinigerous and use it as often as they can!)

So… someone may very well call you crinigerous and mean it, but never let anyone tell you that you’re too old!






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  1. 5.16.11
    Rachel said:

    It’s worth doing just to hear the laughing. That’s awesome

  2. 5.16.11
    cassie said:

    I would have guessed you could do this but I must say I am shocked at how well Barry executed this headstand! well done!

  3. 5.17.11
    Kim said:

    Would have loved seeing the boys faces during this performance by their grandparents – no doubt their reactions were priceless 😉 Well done and very impressive in my opinion – I’ve never been able to do a headstand. Hugs!

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