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Let’s face it, times are tough, the economy is terrible, and people are struggling to get by. We’ve all had to sacrifice, cutting things out of the budget that just aren’t necessary, but there’s plenty of things we can’t get by without, basic hygiene and cleaning products like soap, detergent, trash bags, tooth brushes, hand soap, diapers, wet wipes, etc. As hard as we try to save, these are things we cannot go without. I guess my husband could grow a beard, but now that it’s bathing suit season, I NEED A RAZOR!

CVS/pharmacy has come through in a pinch, with an exciting new line called Just the Basics, over 100 products that we need to use. They’re smart and simple products and best of all, they’re priced lower than the national brands while performing just as well. The entire line is backed by the CVS/pharmacy Brand 100% satisfaction guarantee, although I guarantee you won’t need to return it.

Here’s an example of just how much you can save.
CVS Other
Cotton Swabs (300ct) $1.57 $2.99
Baby Wipes (140ct) $2.99 $4.39
Shampoo (32oz) $2.49 $5.19
Liquid Dish Soap (25oz) $1.29 $4.79
2X Concentrated Laundry Detergent (100oz) $4.99 $14.99
Tall Kitchen Bags $1.00 $6.00
Paper Towels 2-ply (60 sheets) $1.00 $2.10
Toothbrush $0.99 $2.69
Disposable Razors (12) $2.79 $3.79
Deodorant Soap (8 bars) $3.99 $5.69
Gentle Facial Cleanser (8oz) $2.99 $8.99
Hand Soap (7.5oz) $1.27 $2.49
TOTAL $27.36 $64.10


Not bad for things you need to buy anyway, and over the course of the year, that can add up to quite a lot of money that you can use elsewhere.

Just the Basics are exclusively available at your local CVS/pharmacy and a selection is available online at

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