Grandma’s Little Evergreen

I wish I had a photograph of my Little Evergreen from when Barry and I first moved to our present home… a little over six years ago.

The Little Evergreen was very, very little back then.  It sat just across our driveway from our side door, on top of the stone wall that’s been there since our house was built way back in 1780.  The Little Evergreen must have jumped in, rested for a moment or two and decided to stay.

I liked it.  It was the first thing to greet me each time I opened the door.

By Christmas of that year, we still hadn’t repaired the stone wall.  The Little Evergreen had grown a tiny bit bigger and it kind of called out to me to decorate it.  I bought a bunch of blue ornaments and hung them from its tiny branches.  I also dug out my favorite Fairy lawn ornament and my favorite inscribed rock and placed them at the base of the Littlest Evergreen.

My grandchildren loved it.

I’ve been watching that Little Evergreen reach its lovely branches higher and higher and broader and broader each season… and I’ve been decorating that Little Evergreen every Christmas since, each year in a new color.  This year, I decorated the Little Evergreen with plastic, crystal-like ornaments that I found in my attic from some long Christmas ago. They sparkled and twinkled in both the morning sun and evening lights.

When I got around to un-decorating our Little Evergreen this year, I decided to leave a few ornaments on its branches… because they seemed to make the Little Evergreen so happy.

I’m glad I did.

Each time I open my side door, I feel so INSPIRED by nature, the lovely Fairies and the sun-dancing ornaments.

That Little Evergreen, from wherever it came, has made a powerful statement of resilience and INSPIRATION.

Well, we still haven’t gotten around to that project of repairing our stone wall… and if we ever do, that Little Evergreen will have the spot of honor in and among those old stones who’ve given that Little Evergreen the great gift to root.


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