June Bugs: The Blattella Germanica on Day 153 of 365 Days of Literacy for Kids!

Let’s have some fun and some YIKES! today with the BLATTELLA GERMANICA:

The German Cockroach

The noun Genus BLATTELLA refers to small cockroaches. The Blattella Germanica is a German Cockroach.

The German Cockroach is not found exclusively in Germany.  No.  This little buggah is found all around the world, particularly in locations with human beings, human dwellings and activity.  In fact, the German Cockroach is a very common household cockroach… and it also finds food processing facilities premier real estate.

The German Cockroach does not thrive in colder climates and temperatures, though.  Interestingly enough, the German Cockroach does thrive in northern climates if home heating is involved.  Ah, ha… a comfort seeker.  In short… food, water and warm temperatures help the German Cockroach survive.

The German cockroach is on the small side, measuring in the half-inch range, but some do grow larger.  The German Cockroach is brown in color, but may range from light brown to almost black.  It has wings, but is unable to fly.  The male German Cockroach is thin, slender and tapered.  The female is stout with a rounded abdomen.  Go figure.

The German Cockroach isn’t a particularly social insect, but a good hiding place will find many of them sharing that space.  The daytime is quiet time for the German Cockroach, leaving the evening hours for their activity of foraging for food.

The YIKES! part of a German Cockroach infestation, with its saliva, feces and cast skins, is its great source of allergens… and they can contaminate food and eating utensils.  DOUBLE YIKES!

Eliminating a German Cockroach infestation is all about sanitizing and de-cluttering… and relying on expert help.

Share the German Cockroach with your kids and grandkids.  (As a pest, not pet!)   Why not research its life history and stages of development from egg to nymph to adult… and maybe research the existing fossil evidence that indicates cockroaches have been on earth for 300 – 400 million years.  TRIPLE YIKES! Talk about the great adaptability of the cockroach and why they are considered such a successful group.

Just because the German Cockroach is a pest, doesn’t mean it’s not interesting… especially to kids.  Have fun!

Join me here each day in June for JUNE BUGS! as part of 365 Days of Literacy for Kids! Have a little fun, a little learning and a little YIKES!





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