Last Day of Pre-K (pass the tissues)

It’s gone by too fast. I wish I could freeze time. The last day of pre-K has arrived for Alex and Ben… someone please pass the tissues because I need them!

That being said, my sons are ecstatic! They are ready for summer!

As a matter of fact, when Alex woke up this morning, he told my husband that he wanted to be “super hot for school today.” Matt looked at him and said, “Why? You want to wear a sweater?” Alex looked at him and said, “No, the other kind of hot!” Watch out ladies, I mean…. girls.

And I’ll tell you what, Alex was pleased with his outfit for school…

And – of course – I had to video them on the last!

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  1. 6.3.11

    SO CUTE!! mine are also very excited and I too have tears in my eyes but for different reasons. How am I going to survive the summer without a preschool break!?! ack!

  2. 6.4.11

    So cute!

    Does make you tear up when they wrap up preschool, doesn’t it?

    Happy summer to our favorite family of boys in Rhode Island!

    Hope it will work for you guys to come see us sometime.

    We have been making a cute care package for all of you for a penpal project.

    Have a fun weekend,
    Colleen and her crew here in the Sunshine State 🙂

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