Reddi-wip Backyard BBQ – a Grand Ole Day!

Family and friends and lots of kids… including 9 grandkids!

The Couto Family!

The 4th of July.

A truly old-fashioned backyard BBQ.

A Reddi-wip just-the-right-size-for-kids-and-adults dessert table filled with cool & summery, light & creamy, fresh & delicious fruit desserts!  Luscious strawberries, blueberries and bananas. Pineapple slices. Vanilla Wafers.  Strawberry Jam. Pretzels.  Granola. Graham crackers. Chocolate syrup.  Honey.  Individual parfait cups.  Creativity.  Fun treats and Reddi-wip to top it all off.  With only 15 calories per serving, Reddi-wip is a treat you can really feel good about for you and your kids.

The beautiful harbor town of Bristol, Rhode Island, home to the oldest continuously-running Independence Day Parade in the entire United States of America… this year celebrating the 226th Parade with about 250,000 participants and  spectators from all across This Land.

A festive house on the red, white & blue parade route on a delightfully hot, hot July day…

All combined for a grand ole day of fun and memories!

You have to get up mighty early in the morning, like 4 am early, to get a spot at the Bristol 4th of July Parade.  Lucky for us this year, Jane has a house right on the famous route.

This little detail, and Reddi-wip, gave my family and guests the happiest, most fun, most patriotic, most loud, most fabulous, most delicious 4th of July  Backyard BBQ ever.

And all of my guests were able to leave with a beautiful Simple Garden Herb Kit to continue their summer enjoyment!

Thanks Reddi-wip for a truly spectacular 4th of July.

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One lucky reader will receive this identical gift of this beautiful Picnic Basket, a Harry & David Fruit of the Season Membership, a Fruit Bowl, a Gardening Kit with Gardening Seeds, an Herb Kit… and Reddi-wip Coupons and Reddi-wip Recipe Cards with everything you need to know to create the most light & creamy summer desserts under the sun!








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  1. 7.8.11
    Sarah said:

    WOW! Looks like you all had a fantastic Fourth!! All those Reddi-wip pictures are making my mouth water!! Pass the strawberry shortcake, please!

  2. 7.8.11
    lizzy said:

    wow…looked like a glorious day!!!!

  3. 7.9.11
    Felicia said:

    Looks like you had so much fun and the desserts are making me hungry!

  4. 7.9.11

    What a great BBQ! Looks like a really fun, yummy day!

  5. 7.9.11
    Cheryl P said:

    I love the pictures and have to say…my cup would have been full of Reddi Wip. Yum!!! Looks like you had an amazing party!

  6. 7.12.11
    Nancy said:

    I love that it looks like a good old fashioned bbq like I remember from the 4th of Julys when I was a kid. Also, I would love to live in Jane and Brian’s house. It is beautiful!! The family picture on the porch is a capture you’ll always remember.

  7. 7.12.11
    Cassie said:

    I love Reddi-Whip b/c my 4 kiddos love fruit so much more when it is covered in Reddi-whip!

  8. 7.12.11
    Kelly M said:

    Looks like the perfect 4th of July. Nothing beats a parade and getting together with family. We love Reddi-whip on fruit, ice cream, pudding pie, hot cocoa.

  9. 7.12.11
    Kelly Ann T. said:

    I thought our Independance day celebration was over the top until I saw your photos. You put me to shame. I’m so glad you had a great time. Our family loves Reddi-Wip too!

  10. 7.12.11
    Keri B said:

    Wow !! Looks like sooo much fun.. The possibilities of Reddi-wip!!!

  11. 7.12.11
    jamie pasqualetti said:

    I love reddi wip because it makes me think of summer

  12. 7.12.11
    Dee Velleco said:

    Love all the picture’s Sharon! Looked like the best 4th of July party ever!

  13. 7.12.11
    Dee Velleco said:

    Love all the picture’s Sharon! Looked like the best 4th of July party ever! The desserts look so yummy!

  14. 7.12.11
    Lucy said:

    Reddi wip makes the ordinary extraordinary. It turns fruit into an desert and any snack into a celebration. What’s not to love about Reddi wip!

  15. 7.13.11
    Natalie J Vandenberghe said:

    Wish I had been there! I love Reddi-wip!

  16. 7.17.11
    susitravl said:

    Wow – so many smiling people! Looks like everyone had a great time.

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